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Foundation Best Practice - And Adding Rebar?


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Well Thanks,Jeffery I stand corrected,The CEO has a degree in Computer sciences. You see where I come from an Engineer is an Engineer...4 years Structural analysis and there is a valid reason why they teach first principles over and above using software programs.FYI,All first year engineering is common,Statics,Dynamics and data programing and LOL, no architectural Appreciation 101, and IMO he has sold out.The next generation of engineers, arent subservient,and are going to Kick your A*** on projects ...you either join 'em or your against 'em, or if you cant keep up ...Retire.HTH


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I would have thought that, by now, you would have realized that VW is not and probably won't be the program you need. No need to try to "HTH" your needs any longer. They have been heard and they are not a priority. Time to cut your losses, jump ship and get on board one of the supertankers.HTH

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I think modelling rebar will become a priority because, at least in my work, I see a client interest and shift toward ICF walls vs stick. For now, I'd think the extrusion method of modelling would suffice.

And in a general defense of VW, I think it's pretty cost-effective for what it does, and is fine for me, a one-guy office who does residential design-build.

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I would have thought you would have learnt by now engineering is a little bit out of you depth and expertise...so please dont give me any advice.HTH

If the right tool for the job isn't in your hand, yelling at the tool won't make the situation better.

Either pound the nail with the screwdriver, or find a hammer.

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