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  1. An iPad and Android viewer would be a great addition.
  2. This type of UI revision would be a welcome improvement to VW. I'm defiantly +1 on this & similar requests.
  3. Multi core CPU's have been the standard for years now, so it's a little surprising that this request made it to the wish list. This should have been old news by now
  4. Looks like we have a similar request: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=29329&Number=143215#Post143215 Your video does a great job of describing the functionality that I have been looking for.
  5. All, One area where Vectorworks could improve on is in it's consistency. Here are a couple of examples that will hopefully illustrate this point. Example 1: In Vectorworks 2010 there are two stair object tools. This can be confusing, especially for new and or occasional users when trying to select the best/correct tool for the job. There should only be one stair tool. Example 2: Wall objects are another example of inconsistent behavior. There are four wall object types in Vectorworks 2010 which are fairly straight forward in their respective use cases, however the behavior between them isn't consistent. For instance, you can insert door objects into standard wall objects, but not window wall objects. This is very frustrating! Once more, this design seems to be limited in it's scalability. Will a new wall object type be created for leaning, oval, or elliptical walls? Why not have one wall object tool? Instead of having a separate window wall, just use the standard wall object, then select a ?window wall? or ?curved window? wall style. Thanks for considering this suggestion!
  6. All, Thanks for all the good suggestions, but they don't exactly achieve what I have in mind. More specifically, I would like to be able to not only select a complete object or group of objects, but cross sections of objects in the model. Additionally, I don't want to group and ungroup objects all of the time. What I really want to be able to do is to quickly Zoom/Focus on specific portions of the Model quickly so that I can view and or modify that section of the model in 2d/3d. Think of it as a temporary ?Crop? of the model. Thanks again for considering this suggestion!
  7. I would like to have the ability to select an area of my model and just work on that specific area in 2D&3D. For example, lets say I'm working on a detailed staircase in a architectural model with lots of objects. In this case I just want to focus on that section while not deactivating other design layers, etc. To accomplish this, I would be great if you could use a standard selection method then tell it to temporarily hide everything outside of the selection. This would create a specific design area in the model that could be manipulated in 2d/3d without all of the other objects getting in the way. Thanks for considering this suggestion! --Nick Pavlica
  8. I would like to have an option to lock all the objects on a design layer so that I can ensure that I don't accidentally modify an object on another layer. This is especially important when I'm working in 3D. Currently I go to a design layer and lock/unlock all of the objects manually. If there was an option in the layer editor/manager to quickly toggle locking on each layer it would be a great productivity enhancement for my work flow. The nice thing about locking the objects is that they are there front and center to use while modeling(not grayed out etc.) without the fear of accidentally modifying them. Thanks for considering this request!
  9. Another good example of a small change that would improve the user experience.
  10. I'm not sure what the current user statistics are, but I would like to know. Where did you get the data for your market analysis of VW? It would be hard to imagine that the US is the only place in the world that regularly uses irrigation systems. I know that irrigation has been important for centuries. The Romans were masters of irrigation, and some of their centuries old systems are still in use today. Irrigation is a fact of life for many around the world, and it's naive to down play it's role around the world. I'm sure NNA recognizes this, and is working with professional landscapers/landscape designers from various regions to better meet the needs of their users. Which is what this request is about in the first place. That's a little presumptuous. This was not a feature request that I was making directly, but I was providing additional information regarding my experience in the US. Additionally, the needs of US users of VW are just as important as the next persons. If anything, a minority user would be subsidizing the majority, because they are spending money, but aren't getting herd when they have a need that isn't being filled. Because people want and need to. If you don't want to irrigate, than don't.
  11. Ok, I created what I consider a single path with the line tool, and two profiles with the circle tool. Unfortunately, I'm still having a hard time when trying to extrude along the path I created. I have tried to compose the lines etc, but haven't had any luck. When I test this method on a single segment of the footings it works fine. I'm not sure what step(s) I'm missing? Here is an image of my path, footings, and profile objects.
  12. I'm trying to use the extrude along path method, and would like to extrude along multiple paths at once. Is this possible, or do you have to manually extrude every line individually?
  13. Aren't they pejoratively called "Macmansions" after the computer? I've always heard, and used it as a reference to the McDonalds fast food chain.
  14. I'm assuming that you are referring to the non de-script all square footage, cookie cutter homes that you find in many sub-divisions in the US. I agree that they are often ugly and boring, but are a fact of life in the US. Interestingly, I meet a builder that was visiting from Europe that was tired of building with stone, and wanted to learn how to duplicate those building practices. Also, don't you mean McMansion?
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