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  1. Is there any easy way to create ridge capping/valleys etc.. for a roof? there should be generic options in the roof object eg: Tile type capping, steel type capping...
  2. I would like to see an input for the scale of symbols. For example Room labels. I insert them in my design layer so they show up on my floor layouts and then insert the same symbol on my cross section (Sheet Layer) but have had to create it at a new scale. Also with the detailer tool, it would be nice to input the nominal width ant heights and spacing at real size but have an option of entering a scale to suit the sheet layer/viewport scale or maybe I am missing something and am doing it the hard way Royce
  3. first glance, the viewer can do open GL and has similar design layer and sheet Layer navigation to VW. But the lack of renderworks options means it is pointless for sending to clients. Personally I think its a waste of space and fail to see the point in it.... if anyone can prove me wrong I'd love to hear it. Another Fail perhaps...
  4. "For a doityourselfer they're an attractive option. They might even be appropriate in dry climates lacking wind and sesmic induced lateral loads. But from a cost, trade base, and embodied energy standpoint they're unlikely to be a meaningful alternative in many locations. As good as they sound on paper, they won't often beat conventional construction in the field." There are a number of straw bale homes in NZ where there are very high windzones and plenty of siesmic activity but unfortunately the cost is often high because of the lack of experienced people to build them. However they are gaining in popularity.
  5. .....thank goodness engineers work for architects not architects for engineers.....
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