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I am new to vectorworks and so far i like how fast it is to draw on. I was wandering if ther is a quick way to draw a ruler with 1' marks on the plot for a rigging layout. I know i can go through and make one but that will take a while. Is ther a tool that can do that quickly with adjustable increments. I am running VW2009 spotlight with renderworks.



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There are a couple things you might try:

1. Set the snap grid to 12". Double click the snap grid restraint or double hit the A key. When the snap grid is turned on the the curser will snap every 12". This has the added extra benefit of "bumping" objects in 12" increments when you hold down the shift and command key (on a mac) and using the arrow key.

2. Set the reference grid to 12". It drives me crazy, but some people like working with a reference grid.

3. Use the Scale Bar tool in the Dims/Notes tool set. Set the # of Minor Divs to 0, Major length to 12", and # of Major Divs to as many as you need.



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A suggestion: get rid of the RULERS.

Of course the question at hand is about drawing/draughting, but RULERS destroy files. To be exact, their coordinate systems, rendering them USELESS for anything but DRAUGHTING.

If one draws only LITTLE BOXES made out of TICKY-TACKY, all these RULERS and GRIDS are sort of OK. Otherwise, one should learn how to use the GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONS available with the CONSTRAINTS PALETTE.

I may have had a STRAIGHT ANGLE somewhere in my projects sometime, but that has been purely accidental.

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You could try the Grid tool, which is fairly adjustable and will probably give you something close to what you need. You'll need to play with it a bit and make sure you uncheck the default "Constrain to Page" box. The odd thing is it will only draw grids from their centrelines, so you can only make a grid with an even number of squares. But if you turn the bounding box off it will give you a ladder of sorts that you can add labels to. The great thing is you can made lines on a certain spacing heavier than the others (in my example every 4th), making it ideal for an on-drawing ruler.


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