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  1. Carl, How long did your night rendering take? Thanks, Chris
  2. Yes i am using 2010. I have inserted things before but couldn't get it to do it this time. Chris
  3. While im here is photoshop something i need to make good renderings. What else would you do in photoshop for renderings? Chris
  4. I am having problems making the symbol attach to an instrument. I created it with the color and it shows up and looks great but when i insert the frame symbol as an accesory and try to attach it to an instrument it won't highlight the instrument.
  5. I am new to Rendering in VW but i know how to turn on lights and use the visualization light tool. What i don't know how to do is make the lighting fixture front actually have a color to it versus just the black look of the symbol. I can see the beam with fog i see the light on the ground just not hte glow on the instrument. I hope i explained that ok. Thanks, Chris windows vistas ultimate 32bit. quad core2.6 8 gb VW 2010
  6. So I made two extrudes one being a cyc with a flag image on it and the other being camo neting as a scrim in front of it. I found the camo image on the internet and made it transparent with a mask. Looks perfet in open gl but when i go fast or fianl it is gone except one little corner in the bottom right. What could i have done wrong? I attached a vw file and two pdfs. NAy help or suggestions would be great I am a fairly new user to VW and brand new to trying to make textures and rendering out good quality stuff. Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks guys they both worked and i can use both techniques.
  8. I am trying to create a ceiling in a hotel for a rendering. I am a lighting designer and am new to creating the building models. I have made an extrusion of the soffit or dropped ceiling. in the middle is a circle cutout with flourescent tubes inside to light the circle cut out. I tried to make a circle and extrude to the height of the cutout and then use the intersect or combine tool. It would not let me do that to those object. What do i need to do to basically have a cube and cut a cirle in it but only half way through it? I hope i explained it ok. While I am at kinda same principle the walls of this room have 6" indentions in them at 3' intervals how can i cut out lines in a wall or put bumpouts on them. THanks, Chris VW 2010 Vista quad core 2.4 8gb ram
  9. Can you project video in a rendering. If so can you shhot it on any surface or object. While i'm on the subject whats the easiest way to project an image on a surface and how should i crate the surface in order to do so. Thanks, Chris Burgin Vectorworks 2009
  10. I am new to vectorworks and so far i like how fast it is to draw on. I was wandering if ther is a quick way to draw a ruler with 1' marks on the plot for a rigging layout. I know i can go through and make one but that will take a while. Is ther a tool that can do that quickly with adjustable increments. I am running VW2009 spotlight with renderworks. Thanks, Chris
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