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This is about the tenth time in my career using Vectorworks that this WALL CORRUPTION has occurred and this time it's a result of of turning off the window tags after component walls were already resolve and connected. It's costing me a great deal of time and money and it seems it's a defect with the component features.

The solution IS NOT to upgrade! I need to understand what causes this.


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it's a "feature",

the "auto join walls" preference,

and may be due to some walls not

being utterly parallel.

go to 'vectorworks preferences' + deselect

'auto join walls'

you will have to manually join walls

+ clean up edited junctions, but at

least you don't have to deal with

infinity walls...

good luck

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Gideon thanks for the input. Curiously though the walls were joined and peachy until i decide to turn off the WINDOOR window tags and all hell broke loose. Because I was zoomed in I did not realize what had occurred on the fringes until a wall zoomed across the middle of the plan.

I don;t get the connection (no pun intended) between auto-join and window tags but I will try it to see what happens. The walls come undone so frequently I figure I join every wall 2-3 times per drawing!

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Thought you all might be interested to know that turning off auto-join offers no improvement and quite painfully, the corruption on the lower level automatically creates the same effect on the upper level. It's my opinion that it has something to do with WINDOOR or Wall Components.

My buildings are not saltboxes therefore wall connections become complex particularly where interior walls connect to exterior corners where different components (wall types) merge in one location.

I would like her from Vectorworks moderators about this as well! Anybody listening?

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UPDATE - the infinity walls vanish after resolving ALL....and I mean ALL of the connections that were unintentionally told to form L's rather than T's! Anything less creates a domino effect where healing one mutates another over and over again until all are healed.

Use the HEAL tool dragging over the entire length of the wall and reconnect the walls manually. It appears the walls remember incorrect connection instructions (L's when T's are required for example) if not healed.....

There is a VW god and at least for now, I think it's me!

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Considering that I solved my own problem, I thought I would change the topic to another problem!

Any HELP with creating a custom AVATAR would be appreciated.

Using an 80 x 80 pixel .jpg image from Picasa Web Albums, I am told that it is the wrong image type.

I think that's related to wall components too! ....

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I found that when you want to reconnect walls, you sometimes have to move the endpoint of the wall a while away from the connection and then heal it, then connect all again.

Also, infinitive walls can be healed by just cut them in two with the curve split tool.

Yes, pulling them apart and reconnecting them normally works. My scenario was chronically dysfunctional given that each wall I repaired caused another to extend infinitely in sequence. The entire plan (mal)adjusted organically. As I stated above, what worked was being certain that no connection errors remained (apparently in memory). VW seems to retain the instruction to connect by L even if it looks correct after being connected by a T for example.

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.jpg should work, so you are using an url pointing to Picasa?

Maybe Picasa doesn't allow that.

Apparently not! I use the Mac because it's designers generally offer little clues when something is not compatible. A window pops up and says, sorry, that file type is not compatible with your operating system or something to that effect. Given that I am not a programmer, these instructions are rather like teachers who help you to discover limitations as you roll along. It's disturbing to learn from silence. I would even appreciate a "Does not Compute" with the requisite skull and bones! This upload attempt does nothing and I am left to figure out why Google and VW Tech Board are not compatible. Not worth the effort frankly.

What sources for images are being used by other members of this tech board?


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I have mainly found this problem when I have opened up old versions (eg Version 7) or corrupted files. I have found the main way to fix the problem is to workgroup reference the design layers in the file and suck them into a new drawing. The problem with this is that the Sheet Layers, viewports and saved views need to be set up again.

That said, it seems like you have found a great solution (much less work). Will give it try should I have any of these issues.

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(To Blink Design)

Windoor has nothing to do with this, you can leave Julian in peace.

It is something related to all insertable objects, plug-ins and symbols.

I am rather of the opinion that this is a Viewport issue related to the walls not correctly rejoining when the viewport is shifted from the original insertion point AND some objects are inserted. Joins will create infinite wall extensions according to how many objects will "interact together" in the generated wall breaks. But is a complicate business, not as simple as you think

This has been considerably improved in VW 14.

I also have been plagued by it up to VW 13. Now no more.

Not to be boring, but really consider an upgrade. Not only for this issue. Also for the facilities. Mind: I don't sell this thing, so I gain nothing from telling you to upgrade.



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