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Hi Pat,

Sample file attached - I would like the formulas to read from the parameters in Column B (ie Floor level, building, position) which relate to fields from my space objects. It works for fields that have text inputs (A,B,C etc) but not for numerical input. I guess a work around would be to use 'One' instead of '1' for floor level etc but this seems a bit clumsy.

I have pasted my spaces into a clean worksheet so I am pretty sure there aren't duplicates and there are no viewports.



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Before I spend a lot more time on this please try something and see if it will work for you.

Select the cells in column B and Format Cells and set the format to TEXT. Now delete each of the values in column B, hit enter to truly clear the old value and reenter the number. If should now be left justified in the cell rather than right. If you want to check and see if it is really stored as TEXT instead of a number, create a dummy formula and try to add 1 to it. You should get a #VALUE error if it is text.

When I do this, I can change the formula for the Position in C11 to =B9 instead of the hard coded 1 and it still works.

In my original post I was thinking you were using database rows rather than CriteriaArea functions. You just need to make sure that the cells you are referencing are really text.

But I will stand by my assertion that you can't use cell values in setting up Database Row criteria.

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Thanks for looking at this Pat, - I can't recreate that behavior. I have follwed the steps as you describe, and tried an example in a clean worksheet and it still will treat a numerical entry as a number even if I have the cell format set to text?? I'm not sure if it is a preferences thing - I have tested it on a couple of machines in our office and got the same behavior.

Do you have any thoughts on why the results these formula return are out by a factor of 2?


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I just tried it in VW2011 and you are correct it does not work.

It does work in VW2012 where I tested originally.

The only way you are going to get this to work reasonably is to upgrade.

I don't have time right now to work on a script to fix something that has already been fixed in a later version.


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Is it possible to get the measurement from a 3d object in a worksheet?

For instance I want to create a closet and want to get all the different measurements of the different parts in a worksheet.

Would that be possible?

And does the orientation of the geometry matters?

I know this is an old post but this hits very close to home [work] for what i'm trying to accomplish in VW.

I've had some limited success with creating a "cut list" from my millwork models.

The issue i've found is that length/width/height/depth when called out in worksheets, returns the "bounding box" dimensions rather than the actual solid dimensions based on its orientation... so depending on the orientation of your working plane, it can make depth become height, etc. And especially when an object such as a plywood side is rotated to anything other than a 90 degree increment, you'll have a very large mass of a bounding box rather than say a 3/4 or 18mm thick panel...

Hopefully someone has a quick fix to this either in a working model or via 2016 magic such as marionette.

Thanks for listening :)

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