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  1. I had luck with writing the text in another program, copying and pasting it into a text field.
  2. To improve my MacPro, I decided to exchange my original ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB with a new one with 3 GB RAM. I also installed more RAM, from 18, to 36 GB. Before I exchanged the cards, I took a rendering test with Fast Renderworks. The file is available at Nemetschek, "DC_Riverside_Site-LOD_300" and quite heavy, 564 MB. The Radeone GB 5770 card used 4.5 minutes to render the view. After having installed the 7950 card with 3 GB ram the time was 6 minutes! This result was not as expected. So, can anyone tell me why the result went out worse? And, is there situations when using VectorWorks where the result should improve? May be when using OpenGL?
  3. Not from the dimension object, but you can link to the dimensions in a room object.
  4. Happy new year folks! I use the script “Create Standard Viewports” and use Stories on building a drawing for an existing house. I try to use the default options as much as possible, then I expect this to become most efficient later on, in building the drawing model. I have noticed two differences in the 2015 version, and I can’t find any logical explanations for this in the manual or in any educational films or pdf in our Service Select libraries. These are: The default Slab-layer is gone. Also from the Default Story Levels. So I let the Slab remain in the Floor layer. The Sheet Layer “Elevations-M-1” has a Viewport “VP-Elevations-Man-1” showing only the Design Layer “1-Mod-Elevation”. For the first, I question if this has something with adapting VW to layers in Ifc-format or any other future changes? For the second, are Nemetschek reintroducing the old style Layer reference? Or is this an not updated script in the program? ..And if so, how is the old Task Manager.. being maintained. This function has a potential for efficient use of the program, but then the naming MUST be strict.
  5. I would also like to see this in my tool palette. Is it going any further? Just updated to 2015 and can't find it there.
  6. Hello! Having followed the instructions on : . I am a little unsure if this will work, because the downloaded file is a document, and not an Unix-exutable file. I see no file-ending to change, so how to change this file to an Unix-exutable. VW 2012 did not, by open and closing the program. I have not installed Xcode or any developer tools. What function in the program may call upon SecurityHelperTool?
  7. In my case also, but manage only getting out the brutto area, by setting in =(('Space'.'PERIM')) and calulate this up with the ceeling height.
  8. I think much of the time rendering might be avoided by doing the trick Wes Gardner is doing 11:25 into this film: http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/www_movies/webinars/BestModel.mov He exhanges a circle with an octagonal to reduce the amount of points that describes the shapes. Circular forms will always make rendering much heavier.
  9. All the renderings from Hidden Line to Final Shaded Polygon has been with us since early MiniCAD. At least MiniCAD 7,so this is quite old code.
  10. Have you updated the viewport?
  11. Thank you! This is don. I tried to reduce the file size by pasting only one layer into a new file. Then I was able to repair the windows, without the program hanging. This seems to be a workaround for this case.
  12. Hello! I draw often old hoses and create windows with custom Sashes. These Sashens do not show up when the file is opened in VW2011. When going into the window settings, the program hang up, when I try to edit these sashes. Is there a way around this, other than using the 2010 version for these files?
  13. In my program it was not randomly, but every time. I tried the same, adjusting the color in in a filtered image. Doing this adjustment works fine in earlier version, but it is cumbersome.
  14. Trying to enlighten a standard texture with a filtered image. The texture is "Roofing Shake Brown" forund in Applications/Vectorworks 2010/Libraries/Defaults/Renderworks - Textures. I have darkened the texture and filterede the image with a grey color. This become too dark and every time I choose a lighter grey in the image filter, VW crashes. Is this a bug, or is there a way around? Fredrik
  15. You might find some in the folder Applications/VectorWorks 2008/Libraries/. Many things to go through there. You might enter these document from the Resource Browser, and get an overview from there. For kitchen symbols I edit the 2D view and give them the necessary graphical view. For 3D views I might use an ordinary Utility Cabinet or Base Cabinet. I store them in my symbol document in another place so it will remain through an upgrade.


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