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3D PDF models

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You have been able to produce a rotatable 3D object in VW for years via export VR object. Now that you can do something similar in a PDF document it has become 'sexy' all of a sudden. Forgive me for not getting excited.


It was in 2004 in VW 11: http://www.nemetschek.net/training/library.php?movie=11movies

New Artistic Rendering Effects and Support For QuickTime? VR

QuickTime VR adds another dimension to your presentation capabilities by allowing you to create realistic 3D panoramas from your models that can be navigated without any special hardware or software. And, because QTVR is automatically web-enabled, you can easily post your QTVR scenes to your web site.

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Yes, I understand we have been able to do this for a while with VR. The idea of being able to send a model to PDF with class information that anyone can turn on or off and play around with light sources and do there own sections is 'sexy' or am I the only one that thinks this ?

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The QuickTime VR "viewer" is built into Quicktime, so anyone who has iTunes or Quicktime can view these models.

Absolutely true but QT doesn't allow the user to control layers viewed. QTVR is fine but it seems to me that a 3dPDF would be a better tool for collaboration because the user has more control over the information displayed.

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As stated previously, QTVR is limited to just viewing and rotating the model, think what could be done if you could send a model that the classes could be stripped down to exactly what you want to see (just structure for example), do your own sections, lighting and views. 3DPDF rocks in my opinion !

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