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plotting to HP designjets on Mac

P Bartoli


Nobody here using Mac+Hp DesignJets??

We just upgraded to a HP DesignJet T1100 (non-PostScript version) and wondering if we did the right choice.

We have a VW 11 drawing that no matter what I do is not going to print on the T1100.

I was wondering if the PS version of the T1100 would print it?

Should I try X-RIP?? BTW the T1100 is not listed in X-Rip supported plotters...

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Plotters aren't exactly my dada, but so far I have no problem at all with my HP DJ 500ps. According to the person in charge of a local plot center, the "ps" may well make the difference.

BTW, the HP driver is part of Leopard, and my plotter has an ethernet card.

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Can you print from other applications or the OS to the plotter?

Yes, I can print from almost any application, as the plotter is seen as a standard printer.

The problem is not every VW drawing get print. A couple of drawings in particular get stuck in the printer spooler.

Called HP Tech Service and they candidly said that "Mac OSX driver is not actually a CAD plotter driver, just a general office printer driver". They said try Microspot X-Rip, that has an awful quality.

Right now I'm checking into Fiery Efi PS printer driver, the one that ships with T1100 PS version: just waiting for a demo CD, we'll see how it works.

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Sounds like the printer is running out of memory if it's only certain drawings, and they always fail to print.

Not surprising given how big a color plot file is when it becomes rasterized.

You might try printing at a lower resolution.

Beyond that, I'm pretty much worthless when it comes to Macs.

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We use the ps version [setting for Vectorworks in the printer dialogue].

Occasionally, we have also had a file not print - but not sure why - it seems to print when resent.

Have you tried the latest firmware update posted by HP, in case this helps?

HP don't give an explanation for the update, and we are waiting for a 'quiet' moment before trying it.

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You can print to the 450 using Gimp Print, but many of the printer settings and capabilities are limited or unavailable. This printer is not officially supported by HP nor Apple in OS 10. It's only supported through a third party vendor - Gimp Print. Gimp Print is built into the print dialog in OS 10.3 and later.

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Hey .. that HP430 is a workhorse ... and works great (10.4.11 ) with GutenPrint drivers via CUPS 1.3.6 ... and you can use a centronics>ethernet adaptor if you don't have the network board .. and the HP430 uses Laserwriter SIMMs too !

The HP430 is very easy to maintain ... and uses large inkjet modules.

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Our HP Designjet 800PS will not print patterns properly in VW12 or later. The patterns 'move' to seemingly random locations upon printing. Exporting to PDF and then printing causes the same strange behaviour.

We had used patterns previously to achieve colours outside of the rigid and shockingly small legacy VW palette. With the advent of VW2008, there is no longer any need for us to use patterns as we can make any colour we wish as a solid.

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Found another problem printing from VW2008 to an HP DesignJet 800PS:

? when printing with transparencies, line weights close to the transparent object appear to thicken considerably.

Yeah I'll second that... same thing happens here on our HP 1055cm... a tad annoying...! Is it VW or the HP do ye think...?

We also have a HP T1100ps which for some reason will not print at all from one iMac... be it from VW or InDesign etc etc... I have tried reinstalling drivers etc etc but to no avail... Any clues...?


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