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  1. Yes - T1100ps works fine for us. Installed in March 2008 to replace out HP 1050C. Quicker, replot, postscript, better colour. Five networked Macs, + 2 laptops, all running VW2008.
  2. We use the ps version [setting for Vectorworks in the printer dialogue]. Occasionally, we have also had a file not print - but not sure why - it seems to print when resent. Have you tried the latest firmware update posted by HP, in case this helps? HP don't give an explanation for the update, and we are waiting for a 'quiet' moment before trying it.
  3. We have had the T1100ps for a week now - and it works fine. It's faster than the DJ 1050C we traded up from, and at present has worked faultlessly.
  4. Michael, We are Mac based, and are still on 12.5, and I cannot reproduce this error. Even fiddling with rounding settings etc. produces no difference.
  5. Hi Katie, Not sure if this is the same question as the one intended by Borgo: Is there a way of exporting the Sheet layer from VW 12.5 with the other Design layers for use in VW 10.5? Normal export will do all layers except the Sheet.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Paul Hardwick: We are working on the crashing problem at the moment. Despite the official line that 'there are no known conflicts' we have customers who are having crashes every 10/15 minutes depending on the task. This is only on G3, G4 and iMacs running OS9. We have not found the problem on G3 or Imac running 8.6. Any other information anybody can contribute would be appreciated Hi Paul. We now have four G4's and a PoerBook G3 running MacOS 9.0.4 and VW 8.5.2 - and no crashes. Stacks of RAM cos everyone wants to run other stuff at the same time [network fax, email and so on] and we have not suffered. We do, however, ensure that all MacOS component updates are applied. Regards Skip
  7. When we import .dwg files from other systems into VecorWorks, we often collect sets of, say, elevations with duplicate 2D lines. These increase the file size and responsiveness of the system. Has anyone yet found a quick foolproof way of omitting the duplicates?
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