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  1. Get the following error message when trying to cut and paste a Sheet Border from one drawing into another or when duplicating a Sheet Layer within a drawing. 'The "IP resources" file was not found' - VectorScript Message Any ideas? Using VW2010 SP3 (123041).
  2. Has anyone managed to script a viable alternative? We would like a version of the elevation benchmarker as follows: - single line calling out the height (say left to right) - unfilled equilateral triangle sitting point down on the end of this line - above which are the y-coordinates (+00.000) ie. 23450mm above the origin would be +23.450 - an editable field for the text to the right e.g. 'Roof', 'Parapet' etc. We have an uneditable version of this on our drawings at present, but can find no way of automatically connecting a field to the Y-coordinates... Anyone set one of these up as a symbol?
  3. David, Thank you; will look into that. Has anyone else got any experience with any of the above plotters?
  4. Hi there, quick question: VW2008 SP3 As part of our office workflow, we have set up two types of files - 'Reference' (for live design data) and 'Output' (for drawing issues). The data from the Reference files is brought into the Output files via Design Layer Viewports. Sheet Layer Viewports are then used to arrange the data on the Sheet Layers of the Ouput files. Sometimes, we would like to override certain class settings within the Output files (for different issues for different reasons/client bodies etc.). ie. change all of the 'internal walls' to a dotted line for issue as a tenancy drawing. When we choose to override the classes in the Output file, the changes are shown on the Design Layer Viewports, but these changes do not come through to the Sheet Layer. Why not? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Every time a reference appears in the right place, I clap...
  6. Mike, Sorry, I don't agree with you. I can see the benefits of improved 2D snapping and the loupe (why not, yes please), but whilst this might make physical drawing faster, I am talking about the time spent setting up separate referenced drawings and working in an office workgroup environment where three/four users need access to a range of drawings simultaneously. The biggest timesaver for us would be not to have to re-set up our section/elevation/plan references everytime VW flakes out due to a rotated plan issue (even with SP3). This infinitely outweighs any increase in productivity due to being able to snap quicker, or being able to add complex shapes to one another properly.
  7. When I say "I'd feel bad paying", I mean that I'd find it incredibly hard to justify the upgrade to the partners.
  8. Further to the VW2009 UK 'launch', neither of the above are part of 2009. The 2D surface adding/subtracting does look a lot less buggy. So basically, 2009 is 2008 with a major bug fix...big deal. So we're going to stick with 2008 which by NNA's admission doesn't work properly until 2010 or 2011 when they've had time to make the most out of the Parasolid engine. Some issues: ? coordinate system still changes origin/orientation of data when rotating page. ? still no RAL colours...I think they got the message this time. ? no SLVP from one file to another (still a 2-step process Live Data > DLVP in another file > SLVP in that file...but apparently they have fixed the issue with the 'flattening' of layers/classes so that layers and classes in a reference come through to the SLVP in another file. ? the new Snap Loupe and Batch DWG functions look useful but not enough to warrant the upgrade. I'd feel bad paying for Parasolid just to fix things in VW that should already work. Doesn't feel right.
  9. Going to a VW Presentation in London on the 24th so will be sure to ask lots of questions re: changes to the 2D drawing engine and whether VW2009 is true UCS or whether that is coming in VW2010. The other thing we would love to see is the ability to reference from a Design Layer in one file directly onto a Sheet Layer in another file. Having looked through the list again, I have to admit that Batch DWG exporting of separate layers looks very useful.
  10. From NNA's documentation, all the 'improvements' to VW2009 seem to be centered around a new 3D engine. And wood screws... As a large architectural office which uses VW2008 for 2D drafting but has no intention of moving to BIM with 2009 (possibly the majority of users?), does anybody know whether the Parasolid engine will bring improvements or changes to the 2D data? Or is it a separate system altogether? We would like to see a solid Autocad UCS-like plan rotation feature, rather than the current situation where the plan rotation 'function' merely rotates all of the data in the file by resetting the origin and orientation; causing numerous problems when referencing. Am aware that this would involve a re-write of the legacy Minicad file structure, but was hoping that this would have been sorted out by now after 10 years. Otherwise, we see little reason to upgrade to VW2009 in order to get a 3D modelling engine which we will never use.
  11. A proper 2D 'rotate page' tool which doesn't just reset the origin and orientation of drawing data would be nice... ...so we can actually use the program in our office to draw buildings.
  12. Hi there, Here's what I think (and why Nemetschek should be ashamed of themselves)... ...when you rotate the page, you would expect to just be rotating a view around a fixed drawing (all the data in the same place), right? ...wrong, the rotate page command merely temporarily changes the origin and orientation of the actual drawing data. If you don't believe me, try drawing any object then copying that object into memory. If you rotate the page and then paste the object in place, you would expect it to come in on top of the original, but it doesn't...it comes in relative to the new origin/orientation. This explains why referencing doesn't work when a file is saved in rotated page view. They just made it easier to mess up your drawings...and when you ask them about it they say, "ah well, it was never meant to be an Autocad-like UCS system". Call it the 'lazy origin reset with admittedly pretty but ultimately meaningless animation effect tool' then! As you said, "I don't believe this is how it should be".
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