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  1. Hi, I'm looking for VW Architect 2020 licenses: anyone selling ?
  2. Hello, due to Covid lockdown, I'm moving one of my VW 2018 Architect licenses from Mac to Windows. Problem is I can't find the Windows installer file link for downloading what should be something like "'Vectorworks2018-SP2-401138-SeriesE-installer-win". I searched in the download section https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads, but seems like they're not available... any help ? Thanks !
  3. What about VW 2018 ? Does it work with Catalina ?
  4. Is it possible to select and delete duplicated items in VW 2018? I suspect that in a drawing I've received from a suppliers, many items in the drawing are duplicated one on the other. Can I select duplicated items ? I don't see this possibility in Custom Selection tool... can I do it?
  5. I'm working with VW Architect 2018 international edition, that comes with its default libraries. Talking about screws AFAIK the supplied library contains screws and bolts in Imperial units only. Is it available a ISO metric library as well ? Where can I find it?
  6. I'm experiencing an unexpected behavior of the the Fillet tool. Working in 2D Plan view, I try to fillet two lines and apparently nothing happens. By trial and error, I've found that, if I switch to Orthogonal (view), or else zoom the view in or out, the fillet magically appears... but: - the fillet is not selectable/editable in 2D Plan, but... - if I switch to Ortogonal, I can edit the fillet, and switching back to 2D Plan the fillet is now selectable/editable. BTW, I'd like to understand better how Planes work. I noticed that in the Object window, my lines are by default placed on the "3D" Plane, but I have also the opportunity to switch to "Screen" Plane. If, before performing Fillet tool operation, I move my lines to Screen Plane, everything works as I'd expect, without problems. Therefore my question is: how can I set by default to work on the Screen Plan instead of the 3D Plane? Thanks!
  7. probably found the answer... convert to group ?
  8. I'm new to VW 3d... would like to transform a viewport featuring a front view of a 3d object into a 2D editable "front view" drawing. Can Viewports be transformed in editable 2d drawing entities ? Can I do this ? Thanks
  9. Hi simon, you can email the details at paolo@bartolidesign.it, thanks
  10. Still on sale ? How much do you quote and which kind (Fundamental or Architect?) Thanks
  11. I will shortly need to extensively exchange VW drawing files with partners working with Autocad, back and forth. I've been for years using VW and sending DWG file to clients, what I usually do is send both a DWG and PDF file, to be sure that they understand and read my drawings correctly. But I didn't need to get back the same drawing into VW again... I would like to hear your advices about the best way to organize my VW drawings and the best exchange options to use when exporting and importing DWG. I know VW drawings structure are quite different from DWG: - in VW I use often layers with different scales (1:1, 1:50, etc). How can I manage this in DWG? - styles and thickness. I'd like to keep the same look in VW and DWG files since I will be going back and forth from VW to DWG and back to VW. How to achieve the best compromise? All contributions will be welcome... Thanks
  12. I'm looking for a VW license. Anyone selling an old copy of Vectorworks? Thanks
  13. Hello Ben, do you still have some VW 2011 licenses to sell ?
  14. Update to the problem. I understand I can read VW11 into VW2012: it works one way, not backwards from 2012 to VW11. Problem is we have an old Mac that can work with just VW11. We need to go back. VW 2012 goes back to just to VW12. Buy an old VW 12 license to upgrade VW11, could this be a solution? Is there any market to buy old VW licenses?
  15. I have a problem. I've been using VW 11 for years now, but need to upgrade to VW 2012. Unfortunately VW doesn't read directly VW11. I have really a lot of drawings (might be one thousand?), so in any case I'd need to setup a kind of batch translate... and understand how to move from 11 to 2012!! Please help... thanks
  16. Hello, I'm still working with the old VW 11 and was wondering if in the new release (2010) it is possibile to display a simple 2d line drawing in a 3d perspective. As far as I know, it is possble to display in 3d only 3d elements. I must say I've never really checked deeply how to work in 3d, maybe it's possible even with VW 11. From from my few efforts with 3d in VW 11, it seems not possibile. Anyone can correct me on this matter? Thanks
  17. yes Rhino is coming to Mac OSX, I think with next release (Rhino 5). It's indeed a 3d modeler for industrial design, but some people use it for architecture as well. Used with Vray I think you'll get a really powerful modeler + renderer combination. I've been using Cinema 4d for rendering - a fantastic application - but sometimes you get stuck importing complex geometries (I work mainly for industrial design). Rhino + Vray works without problems since Vray is a plugin inside Rhino. Definitely you can model almost anything in Rhino, quite interesting also for architecture the combination with Grasshopper for parametric modelling: worth checking out!
  18. GWS, quite interesting stuff, I know Solidworks etc, are not very well suited to manage complex curved surfaces. I design furniture and use Rhino (Mac+Parallels+Windows sigh!) since I don't know how to do 3d stuff in VW. I tried some time ago to do furniture design in VW but found 3d management very unfriendly, talking about single view window, poor snapping in 3d, unintuitive perspective view management, poor rendering. Rhino with Vray make spectacular results... both for the engineering and rendering. Have you ever tried?
  19. GWS, I'd like to see what kind of work does VW better than other Mech software. For what I know of VW, 3d is still boggling and can't compare to Solidworks, Rhino etc. Maybe I oversaw some parts of VW for mechanical design? Regards, Paolo
  20. I guess it has been already discussed, but found nothing searching the Techboard, so I'm asking: How do you convert a Polyline to a collection of arcs? Is it possible? Thanks
  21. seems to have solved the problem... by saving back to VW 12 and importing again into VW 2008. Till now it works... bye bye
  22. Dear Friends, VW 2008 is driving me crazy! I'm working in University Labs and in the last two days the color palette is behaving very strange. The problem is that when I select, let's say, a red fill color, I get white or pale yellow. Seems like all colours are screwed up. I tried to modify some drawing's element in another drawing file and paste in my drawing an it works correctly, so seems like the problem is file-related. Is there any palette setting that I can have messed up without knowing?? BTW, in the palette window I see both "Classic Vectorworks Colors" and "Standard Vectorworks Colors". Is it correct? Any clue what is happening??
  23. I'm importing a 2d DWG produced in Rhino. What looks like fine-drawn splines in rhino with few control points becomes a polyline with much more control points, making the polyline almost impossible to edit: too many (unnecessary) control points. Is there a way to control (o reduce aftert import) the numbers of polylines control points in VW? Thanks
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