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  1. Thanks Juan, on behalf of the Design Express Support Team ! Looking forward to a deactivation service.
  2. Hi Jim, Looking at the Dell Precision Mobile Workstation 3510 i7 with the AMD FirePro W5130M - 2 GB GDDR5. External monitor will be connected. To be used by a Sales person. Will this machine serve him well for a couple of years?
  3. Bara is right indeed: an intermediate update will be available for download in about two weeks. His phrase "fix a couple of bugs" however should read "add over 60 bug fixes and tool enhancements". The artefact you're seeing now is one of these forementioned fixes. In order to constantly improve our tools, we partly rely on our users' positive feedback. "Piece of trash" and "rubbish" are not exactly the most usefull.
  4. Go to an isometric view. Rotate and eventually move the 3D Working Plane (snapping to your object). Create the dimension(s).
  5. In v2010, the OR operator will indeed be used when a search is done on "type". But "layer" and "class" being the first choice, the formula will use the AND operator - unless I miss something.
  6. My suggestion would be to create a second worksheet where you store the wall component details like their individual thickness. The formulas in the first worksheet can use data from the second, and all changes can be typed into the second, taking only a Recalculate of the first.
  7. Thanks for answering, Kevin. - Centre on Import was checked, I believe - must try again. - I actually did import AC layers to VW classes, the design layers may be caused by AC viewports ? - The loci inside the symbols : good suggestion, never heard it - I'll dive into that.
  8. I'm trying to import a 11MB dwg file into VW2009. There's quite a few problems that I can't figure out : 1. the drawing itself (floorplan) is scaled right, but all the hatches need an additional scaling with factor x 1000 (using the RP for that). Why weren't they scaled ? 2. the object is extremely far away from the absolute 0,0. I'm talking 15 km, more than I've ever seen before. Is there an option during import to avoid this awkward position ? 3. Right after importing the drawing, I'm facing a whole list of new design layers, named : _Layer_Crop-xxx, where xxx represents a value from 0 up to 287. Many of these additional layers have a few objects, so I can't just delete them. 4. Several symbols have a selection area that is way larger than the object(s) would have you to expect. Scale to Objects results in a zoom number like 0,004%. Top right would be the actual symbol, while the rest of the area seems empty. I already checked for text objects size 0, arc centers etc. 5. The VW file is app. 13MB, but very hard to handle. I've seen an Out Of Memory window more than once. 6. Out of curiosity, I've imported the same dwg drawing in a version 12.5. All the same problems seem to occor, except number 3. I'm looking for a way to make this into a workable VW document, I'd love to be able to continue to draw in this file. Providing the above information is sufficient, who can offer help ?
  9. Edit the criteria line to read : =DATABASE(((L='PISO 0') & ((R IN ['Space']) & ('Space'.'Name'<>'porch')))) (assuming the unwanted space is named porch)
  10. Open VW Prefs and make sure the AutoJoinWalls option is checked. Draw the horizontal and next the vertical wall (the latter from bottom to top, and have it joined there). Activate the Selection arrow, and make sure the last button in the Method bar is active. Point to the original vertical wall, press and hold the Control key (notice the + sign), and click-and-drag to the right. This will give you consecutive walls, including their T-joint.
  11. Here's a quick-and-dirty step by step (in a hurry right now), please let me know when not clear enough. Please note : 1. the wall opening is available in v2009 (sorry to the original poster who seems to be on v2008) 2. the final step is crucial (exact position of the corner 2D locus) 3. part of the 2D symbol is a white polygon in the background. If you watch the blown up corner carefully, you'll see it continu in the corner itself to cover up the 2D wall) - I've added an additional image to help you understand. 4. of course, the symbol around the corner should be created in the same way. Best of luck !
  12. Combining the symbol's 2D, 3D and Wall Opening parts (v2009), you can draw a perfect hybrid solution.
  13. John, open a new document and draw some objects in it. Then Export as VectorScript. Next open this document in a text editor. From this reading you may learn some too.
  14. You might consider drawing your objects using the Wall tool. Their length can be taken into a worksheet (=LENGTH). Another option would be to script a PIO and work with it's parameters.
  15. Here's a few of mine that I'm happy to share.
  16. In Excel, save a copy of your file in Text (Tab Delimited) format.
  17. Gerrit


    Open the Stair's settings, 4th tab - and set the Nose value to zero.
  18. Here's a few simple additions, so hopefully you'd get the general idea : Added a VAR named scalefactor, a simple dialog to enter it's value. Added a line after the group is created, where scaling takes place. Procedure LoadFile; VAR hatchName, gradientName, objectName:STRING; result, index, segmentIndex:INTEGER; boolResult:BOOLEAN; top, left, bottom, right:REAL; scalefactor : REAL; BEGIN {VectorWorks Version 12.5.1 (64620)} scalefactor:=RealDialog('Scaling factor :','1'); DSelectAll; NameClass('00-aanduiding'); BeginGroup; NameClass('0'); ClosePoly; PenSize(10); PenPat(2); FillPat(1); PenFore(4369,4369,4369); PenBack(65535,65535,65535); FillFore(0,0,0); FillBack(65535,65535,65535); BeginPoly; CurveTo(-2.679491924311261,-10.000000000000005); CurveTo(2.679491924311269,-10.000000000000005); CurveTo(7.320508075688748,-7.320508075688746); CurveTo(10.000000000000005,-2.679491924311269); CurveTo(10.000000000000005,2.679491924311261); CurveTo(7.320508075688748,7.320508075688738); CurveTo(2.679491924311269,10.000000000000002); CurveTo(-2.679491924311261,10.000000000000002); CurveTo(-7.320508075688738,7.320508075688738); CurveTo(-10.000000000000002,2.679491924311261); CurveTo(-10.000000000000002,-2.679491924311269); CurveTo(-7.320508075688738,-7.320508075688746); EndPoly; Marker(0,0.078735,35); MoveTo(0,10.000000000000002); LineTo(0,-9.999999999999892); MoveTo(9.999999999999778,-0.000000000000002); LineTo(-9.999999999999659,-0.000000000000002); PenSize(2); MoveTo(0.606217782649082,-0.000000000000002); LineTo(0.606217782649082,9.981608086876578); FillBack(8738,8738,8738); BeginPoly; ArcTo(0.303387885506254,10.000000000000002,0); LineTo(0,10.000000000000002); LineTo(0,-0.000000000000002); LineTo(0.606217782649082,-0.000000000000002); LineTo(0.606217782649082,9.981608086876578); EndPoly; FillPat(0); FillBack(52428,65535,65535); TextFont(GetFontID('KCAPSVtBold')); TextSize(18); TextFace([]); TextFlip(0); TextRotate(0); TextSpace(2); TextJust(1); TextVerticalAlign(1); TextOrigin(0.403384191623047,6.457722222222182); BeginText; 'N' EndText; EndGroup; Scale(scalefactor,scalefactor); SetZVals(0,0); {End of Creation Code} {Default Attributes} PenSize(2); PenPat(2); FillPat(1); Marker(0,0.125,15); PenFore(0,0,0); PenBack(65535,65535,65535); FillFore(0,0,0); FillBack(65535,65535,65535); {End of Default Attributes} END; Run(LoadFile);
  19. I'd say try a Column - these objects are attached to a record, so it should be relatively easy to put up a worksheet datarow. In case you're familiar with VectorScripting, writing a PIO for this purpose isn't too hard either.
  20. One way would be to create a wall style. I assume you familiar with setting up a worksheet and enter formula's ?
  21. Over the past months I seem to have taken on the exact same method as the one you describe here, Gideon. Thanks to all for sharing thoughts.
  22. In order to achieve that, you'll need to make a Command instead of a Tool, and add it to the menu's of your workspace (including the keyboard shortcut).
  23. My distracted mind must have been merging both Markus' and Henry's requests :-) Besides, I too like most of my guides unlocked - I move them around constantly.
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