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Rotate objects by individual centers

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Not near a computer right now, but first, all the objects need to be on visible layers, but only one of them has to be on the active layer.  I had assumed that since the active layer is always visible the selected/is visible criteria should work I will investigate.  I do not want the command to rotate objects that are not visible.  I'm sure that the problem of a not set to visible active layer can be solved by adding "on active layer" as a criteria, but the actual wording of the added criteria I will have to investigate at a computer.

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I just found this thread, and it saved me two days of randomizing the rotation of literally thousands of objects.


I discovered that both @Pat Stanford's Rotate Each Object and @MarcU's randomized version thereof don't seem to work as advertised within groups.


For me it was not a problem, because in my context i could ungroup all of my objects and then re-group them after randomizing the rotation, but i thought i'd mention it if either Pat or Markus have the time to look in to that.


Thanks guys, these scripts are great!!!!




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Both @MarcU's script and mine use the FSActLayer call to get the First Selected Object on the Active Layer and then we step through the Selected objects.


If would be possible to re-write this to check if the selected object is in a symbol or group


But considering my script was last updated in 2010 and MarcU's in 2015, there does not seem to be a huge call for this. 😉


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