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  1. @Boh I noticed that Active layer have to be Visible. Invisible or Grayed do not works even if are Active. @Sam Jones I found that GetLVis procedure cause this problem. I analyzed this script and I think this is it. Do you known how fix it?
  2. @Pat Stanford I know this is a old topic but I have tested script in 2020 and I noticed that VSEL criteria works better than SEL. Do you agree?
  3. Hi @fuberator You can use Vision without GrandMa hardware. You need Vision usb dongle licence and MaLighting drivers instaled. I tested it with GrandMa2 OnPc on two PC. Works great. All dmx parameters unlocked without console. For ArtNet or sACN you need console connected, I think. Look at here:
  4. Hi, How change curved geometry quality in MVR export? Look at front stage edge. This is a simple poligon extrusion.
  5. Hi, Why my texture difference beetwen Spotlight and Vision? This is a simple extruded rectangle and MVR export in 2020 SP2


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