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Old dog thread?

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Hello Everyone,


I am an old school VW user dating back to Minicad 7 days (1998)  Myself and a group of similar era Architect friends use VW in a similar rudimentary way (ie simple 2d line based drawing).  For us, the continual version releases, updates and 'improvements' are nothing more than annual annoyances and disruptions to our regular workflow.


The challenge in front of me is my inability to convert a v2019 file to a v2011 file for a friend who heroically clings to his version.  Anyone out there able to help out?  Furthest back I can save is v2014.

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Dear @Kerschbaumer I too started with Minicad 7 and in fact earlier releases. (and the very first drawing I did at work was two-layered, the front and back of a tracing paper, aged 21 in 1981). I was supported to learn M7, and received some training, within a large architects practice. Lucky. Now I work solo for domestic clients. I've forced myself to use as much of Vectorworks' potential as possible. And at times have spent many frustrated hours trying to understand and deply its existing and new capabilites. Hours spent learning and not earning! Over the years my micro company would have been far more profitable if I had stayed within my comfort zone. But I do respect any user's chosen use of this software. But I can only speak for myself in saying that I've been delighted by what Vectorworks can do. The team at HQ, and many external developers, seem to have a sharp focus on what we need out here in the field! And almost always the guys and girls here on the board, many of whom are exceptionally kind and generous with their expert time, have helped me undertand when I have got stuck. Particularly helpful when there's no one next to you in large office to ask. So I suppose this post is a "thankyou" to those fellow members and a gently respectful shout out for VWX in all its facets....


....one last thing....


....I'd welcome views on the whole concept of software development. We know there's a commercial imperative to release improvements and refinements regularly. But I ask:- Is there ever a case for an application to be regarded as "finished" at some point? Especially when the needs of users and their clients are not changing at the same rate of softward development. Comparing Minicad7 to Vectorworks is like comparing a village of thatched cottages to a city of 10 million people. But that city is getting hard to navigate at times...

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15 minutes ago, thinkingpencil said:

Is there ever a case for an application to be regarded as "finished" at some point?


I personally would hate it if VW stopped developing/improving existing tools + adding new ones each year...


My problem is when along with those improvements come bugs/regressions which prevent me using the new release + benefitting from them... In my opinion VW2024 has been worse for this than the last few releases... (I only go back to VW2020 in any meaningful way)

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Thank you @Tom W.. I suppose I agree, in that if a tool can be better it should be. I guess simpler tools like claw hammers and bicycles reach their optimum earlier than complex ones like those Vectorworks. But to pick up on the bike analogy:- The advent of power assisted gear changing seems an unnecessary complication. I don't want to see its equivalent in our software...I agree that 2024 is relatively challenging, to say the least. For example, unless I've missed a fix, I am surprised the main drop down menus are still not stable between file opening by update 3. But maybe I need to update my workspace!

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7 hours ago, thinkingpencil said:

main drop down menus are still not stable

I wonder if this is a result of a change to an event handling or event generating routine, possibly at the system level.

I noticed that while using VW2023 there are unpredictable crashes to desktop when clicking the layers button (not the pull-down but the primary layers submenu window).

Also bringing up the symbol window when replacing a symbol the button within the dialog hesitates its response until you attempt to move the mouse away from the button, leaving you with an unstable feeling that the program is having a mini-stroke.

There are two others I have noticed as well that cause the program to crash to desk top more frequently than past versions, and some of that might be a result of me investing more time into utilizing 3d objects so I wasn't exposed to glitches that could be a result of memory problems from 3d sub-routines. I've actually had those annoying improper call or missing (resource?) something or rather dialog pop up a few times this week. The one that repeats itself 10 times or so before either stopping or crashing.

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