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9 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

How about the Paint Bucket (Inner Boundary Mode) of the 2D Polygon tool?

Humm I tried but the results are strange:
(And I need to delete the red cones too)



In my experience with other modelling software, I have a tool "TRIM" to delete the lines that I don't want.
On Vectorworks, I didn't find the correct workflow yet.

For example another question:
If I want to extrude a triangle



I can't because I can't convert the triangle lines to a shape. How I can make it?

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5 hours ago, Tom W. said:

Actually looking again at the screenshots they don't look like actual Arcs, they look like Polygons. In which case it might be a matter of Decomposing all four objects, deleting the unwanted lines then composing the 'arcs'...

It isn't necessary to use "decompose", compose makes what all I want.

However, thank you for speaking to me about the Decomposer. I never used that before and after I tested Decompose realised that it is a significant feature too.


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