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Papperwork of totems

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On 12/4/2023 at 11:46 AM, jcogdell said:

This webinar by @markdd does a brilliant job of explaining the workflow to use schematic views for custom positions

This is really good work, good sound, and good English for non-native people. In fact, I watch all other videos on @markdd channel.

But, about this, I think this was some advanced information/content that I won't be an expert yet. Because I realised for the first time some concepts that I had never seen before:
- Nurbs for hanging positions (?)
- I didn't understand the constant rotations and the type of "view" with which they were made.


At the end of the video, I learned a few things, but I couldn't transpose what I saw to what I needed. I just want a front view in a diagram of the totems that I have vertically, do I have to rotate all my totems?
What if I make a general change to the design? Do I have to copy all the totems again and create the respective views again?

I'm not saying that the video is incorrect, I'm saying that I didn't understand the logic of the workflow. Please don't get me wrong.

In Vectorworks 2024, is it still that "difficult" to make a schematic view of a vertical/rotated/raked positions truss?


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22 hours ago, markdd said:

Send me a sample of one of your booms (totems) and also can you let me know what you mean by a Front view. I have a feeling that this is where the confusion lies……


I don't have a problem with that. Check the VWX file attached.

This is the problem:
When you have totems you just see the legend of the first fixture. I need to make a 2D projection. 3D Front -> 2D Top (Where the fixture's legend is readable) 


If you change de view for the front you don't have any legend with information.

I accept the best way to make it and suggestions.

Example Tottems.vwx

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