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Rhino to Vectorworks WorkFlow - Loosing and Gaining Geometry in DWG, DXF, OBJ, 3DM

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I am working on an export/ import workflow to go from Rhino to Vectorworks and am having trouble with the different export options. I am trying to figure out why different filetypes lead to added or lost geometry. 


Has anyone had any success exporting building drawings from Rhino to Vectorworks without it getting super heavy, loosing or gaining geometry? What filetype do you use?


My tests are below:


I checked the "Show" Command in Rhino and there are not any hidden objects or layers in the file. These exports are all with the towers isolated from the rest of the city block. 

See the screenshot named "Rhino File" This is what I am aiming for. Towers with 1 screen on each.  RhinoFile.thumb.png.5d8ddbd7f57ac5fcc1214836c442f21d.png


Rhino .3DM export - Import .3DM in Vectorworks - leads to lost geometry. The screens and legs on the towers are gone in the vectorworks import. 



Rhino .DWG or .DXF export leads to added geometry. Both filetypes lead to added lines like below. (even when I select and isolate the 6 towers + screens on export)



The only filetype I was able to get it to show accurately is .OBJ. Which is fine for individual objects, but isn't scalable for entire scenes. 



Tower - DWG Import.vwx

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Hello, I thought a number of users would be all over this one.  Weekends can he slow. I don't use Rhino, but do have experience in import/export.

The first thing I would do is isolate the problem by importing only one object.  It is not clear you are losing or gaining geometry, but simply the geometry is off in space somewhere and you don't see it.


Test 1 - Import one object and do a "Select all" and then command>6 (Mac) or similar on PC. This will bring in all the objects and will tell you if the geometry is there, just not in the correct place.

Test 2 - If there is a command in Rhino to convert objects to an internal format that loses history.  For example in VW's, "Convert to NURBS".   Then export a single tower and see if that comes in correctly.


Option.  Unless I am missing something the tower would be very easy to make in Vectorworks.  Possibly easier than Rhino.  Have you tried to make it in Vectorworks?







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I sometimes have the same problem. But it always depends how the modeling in Rhino is done. When inside Rhino most geometry is built with nurbssurfaces dwg will lack in transporting everything correctly. Did you try to export and import stl or iges? That works mostly for me...

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