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Considering a Spacemouse Wireless - need help


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Let me say first that I had a Spacemouse Wireless about 6 months ago and couldn't get it to work with VW. I'm on a M1 MAC running OS 13.4 with the latest VW 2023 SP5. I noticed that Tony Kostreski was presenting in a recent webinar on a MAC. Is there new support or drivers that make the Spacemouse work now? What am I missing?

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I have the latest driver (10.8.1) on M1 Mac but an old legacy,

original USB Space Navigator.

(it is plugged in and on my desktop but seldom used)

Just checked and it works as it should with VW 2023.

3D 6-axes Knob, horizon lock and my 2 button assignments

(X Selection and CMD+X Fit View) work well here.


Space Mouse Enterprise is attached to the PC anyway

(as on Mac we still don't get nice Icons on its Display ....

and together with Windows, it is used even less 🙂 )


But I am pretty sure Enterprise would work on my M1 Mini too.



With the Mac Driver and Vw 2023 (and 2022 ?) ...

(BTW, meanwhile I am on macOS 14 Sonoma Public Beta)

I only had problems with button assignments and Macros not working,

until I re-added (=overwritten) those (many year old) App's Settings.


I do not use those 3D Connection devices very much,

as I was always basically super satisfied with 3D Apps standard

Mouse+Keys+scroll wheel navigation.


It was only when using my Wacom Cintiq Pen Display laying flat

on my desktop, without a Mouse (or no Scroll Wheel) available,

with my Pen.

Most Apps had propper basic mouse clicks+keys for it but especially

VW (and Bricscad) do not have a useful alternative for

"zoom-about-cursor" - without a scroll wheel.

That is when I may grab over to a Space Mouse .....

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