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Editing Cabinet Look for 2D Top/Plan View


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We're in the process of building our resource library before we get fully switched over to VW. We're going with a little different look now that we're dealing with 3D objects but we want to keep kind of the same feel of our plans in areas that we can. We've been building our cabinet library where we only have to make minor changes if we need to edit after bringing into the file. I'm having trouble getting the look in top/plan view we want for our upper cabinets tho. All I can figure out how to do is to edit the 2 lines that comes in default. It would be great if i could add a hatch? I want to be able to drop my cabinets in and everything already be set and ready to go in 3D and for print without having to draw lines on top of all my cabinets. The 2 pictures are the VW upper cabinets showing 2 dashed lines and the other is a screenshot from one of our stock plans and the look im trying to get. Any help is greatly appreciated.

VW Upper Cabinet.png

Stock Plan.png

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Hi @Kevin K I have a library of my own symbols based on a specific brand of kitchen cabinets that I use in all my jobs so it was a little bit of work to make them initially but since then I can put kitchens together really quickly + get a take-off for when I place the order




The symbols include flush doors as well as shaker doors + I can choose between them by class.


I would love to try InteriorCad but can't really justify getting it because I am not not really ever designing custom cabinets like that. Ironically 13 years ago I had a workshop + made custom furniture + InteriorCad would have been absolutely perfect then...


What kind of stuff are you doing on InteriorCad + what are the advantages to modelling it conventionally? Are you having stuff fabricated off the back of the InteriorCad models? I do have some bespoke furniture coming up actually...

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Ok, that explains your cabinetry situation. As you mentioned, it probably involved a bit of time to create all your cabs, but well worth it in the end, I imagine.

InteriorCad is great.  There are two versions...one, which I use is called 'XS' which is much less expensive than its older brother. The full version includes all the bells and whistles that, unless you are an actual cabinet shop, you would never need.

InteriorCad allows very customized cabinet creation, very quickly, with a ton of options that the native VW cabs do not offer. It allows for custom door and drawer profiles, for example, and control of reveals and on and on. Honestly, I couldn't live without it.

That is the crux of it.

I am not having anything fabricated, to respond to your inquiry.  I simply use InteriorCad for all my basic kitchen, bath, etc cabinets.

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My 2¢


We have several thousand custom components that are created as Hybrid Symbols in Vectorworks. This gives a finished look to a Plan View, in Top/Plan, without the need to render or create any Viewports. Select from the Resource Manager and drop into the design (... its like ColorForms) The 2D component of the Hybrid Symbol can be an Attribute, including color / hatch / image etcetera. While the base 2D component of a Hybrid Symbol  "disappears automatically" when the view is switched 3D, the 2D component is also able to be Classed. Hybrid Symbols may also have different 2D information in addition to a Top/Plan look. This includes text / numerical identification / orientation / etcetera. This additional Classed 2D component of the Hybrid Symbol  is turned on / off as needed, (Class & Saved Views) creating design / inventory / install details from the same Top/Plan View


Example attached shows a rendered perspective over the Top/Plan View with Hybrid Symbols



Hybrid Furniture Example_1.pdf

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52 minutes ago, Kevin K said:


Also, just for a closer look at InteriorCad...have a look at some of the tutorials. Just so you are aware of what InteriorCad can do...even though it may not be necessary for your particular workflow.






Cheers Kevin I'll check it out. When I Google 'InteriorXS' it only comes back with one UK retailer + the version is 2018...? Was just interested in seeing the cost

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@Tom W. to my knowledge there is only one guy on the US who is a distributor for InteriorCad. His name is Tom Pearce.


He can answer any of your inquiries.

The webpage for InteriorCad is https://www.extragroup.com/


They just came out with the version for 2023. I believe the cost for xs is around 375.00 USD.  That is what I paid for my 2022 version.

Hopefully this is some good info for you 🙂

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@Tom W. Not to blab on about all this, but check out the cabinet example in the screenshot.

It is not the best res, but zoom in a bit and note a few things:

1) In this example, one cool thing that InteriorCad dos is that it can add any object perfectly placed on any of those shelves within this cabinet!

So the books, vase, etc were just placed with one click!

2) Zoom in and notice the profile detailing around the door and drawers frames! You may need to click on the image to get a better resolution view.

3) You can set a reveal for both inset and overlay doors and drawers, etc.

4) Notice the holes drilled in the upper part of the cabinet to accommodate adjustable shelves.  That is pretty cool too.

These are just a few items that are achievable using InteriorCad.



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Blab away Kevin you've got my attention! You are making me seriously think about this... What I'm interested to know is what happens if you need to make an InteriorCAD object such as yours 2 inches wider: can you do that parametrically + have the plinth, drawer fronts, drawer trays, shelves + top/bot panels all enlarge at the same time at the press of a button? THAT would be a big deal.

Also can I do things like make faced plywood panels e.g. 1mm Formica on both sides of 24mm birch ply + make cabinets out of it?

I'm going to watch those videos...

Thanks for the advice

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Kinda late in your location, but you may read this tomorrow.

Yep, 2” wider….everything adjusts accordingly. It is parametric.

Also, all surfaces can have different materials and thicknesses, as you noted.

Definitely devote some time to those videos.  They touch upon your questions, and then some.

A few other features…..some of which may be a bit over the top, but are really cool…cabinet backs and door panels can be shown with dado’s or rabbited connections…also drawers with hardware and drawer slides! …hinges of all kinds…

as I said, most of these things would not be needed to show for our daily work.


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