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Transparency reversed in Shaded vs. Renderworks?


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Forgive me if this has already been discussed...couldn't find it with a quick search...


I am working on some textures with transparency using image files.  They look great when in Renderworks.  But in Shaded rendering, the transparency is reversed and looks awful.  


These are two extrudes, one with the color info and glow, and the other with the transparent circles and pattern.  The transparent one is slightly above the color one. 


Anything I'm missing here?



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12 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

I've had issues with using the "Image" function for shader. Have you tried using "Image Mask" instead?

I just tried the image mask after your recommendation, and it renders the same in Renderworks, but completely disappears in Shaded View.  


I should mention that I'm on 2022.  I wonder if 2023 fixes this.  Not likely....

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@dlopez-gutierrez Perhaps related to what @SamIWas posted about, I have also seen something similar where the opacities / alpha channels of RW image textures invert between Shaded and Renderworks.


Shaded looks like it's inverting the alpha channel, where you have no surface texture. It also shows up in the shadows being reversed. 


Attached is a very simple 2023 test file which uses standard VW-provided 'perforated metal' RW textures on an extruded circle. 





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