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Slope model - querying grid


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I've built a slope model of one of my sites - an 18Ha quarry surface [ignore the VSCode note in the image]


Is there any way to query the model data, all I want to do at this point is count grid squares for the different slope categories.


If the model is exploded the 3D polygons that make up the grid can be counted using the selection wand but that doesn't seem a smart way of using a CAD program, so is there something better? I thought I could count squares via reports but there seems to be no way.


Could Marionette do this?


I'm on vw2018 with Landmark

Slope model s10 20230201.JPG

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@unearthed I use QGIS for slope analysis. I find it is provides me with better results, the down side is a big learning curve. One thing I do love about QGIS which I would love to see in VW is the ability to export .kml files which can be imported to google earth. A great way to share information with a client.


Here's an example...I can't upload the .kmz file for GE or I would have.



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Thanks , looks like some of our contracts are similar, my image above is one smallish-ish site in a mining complex. I find VWs slope grid output useful with my clients as it's understandable within their mining software outpur (it's also a simple model for water runoff). We used VW last year to do a cut/fill for 750,000 m³ as well as basic viz, VW is still a capable package.


Yes re learn curve, but then again it's not so easy getting .dwg into a format that QGIS can use to make a slope grid, although a bit more simple when that's completed.


Yeh, kml would be a good thing in VW, most people send me kml in the first instance now.

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@AlanW that is super interesting, thanks for that.
 I gave it a try the export .kml command (didn't realize it existed). Unfortunately the results are not ideal.

When you export from QGIS (not a site model but other items such as contours) these will stick to the terrain. 

The VW export has some artifacts within the site model and the model will site above GE.

When I enter a negative value of elevation to compensate for the site (178m) (during export) the model does not sit properly.

GE has lots of limitations so you can't make any adjustments to the imported elevation after the fact.

ItGE1.thumb.jpg.9416533d932e1d5c0641f877fb0eace4.jpg seem like they are half way there, I look forward to seeing this refined one day.






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