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Hoist - Maximum Chain Length

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The maximum chain length is contained in the hoist symbols data record,

The easiest way to customise it is to import an existing hoist of the desired type, in an empty file

give the hoist a new name, for example hoist x 100'

in the resource manager right click on the duplicated hoist symbol and select attach record in the context menu, then select the hoist record and hit the edit values button.

You can now edit the maximum chain length field (or any of the other fields)

once you are happy with the new hoist save it into your user or workgroup library folder so that you have it available for future projects, you will probably need to refresh your resource manager afterwords.


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On 1/3/2023 at 1:35 PM, jeff_farrow said:

How do I modify the Maximum Chain Length of a hoist symbol?  I want to modify the library resource as all my hoist have 100' of chain.

Hi Jeff,

Please see this post/thread. You can change the maximum chain lengths and save your hoists to your favorite libraries as needed. 


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Thanks for the information, but how is this an improvement over being able to change the chain length in the properties window?  Is there any chance of getting that back? Can we get a ticket going to reinstate the editable chain length in the OIP?

Again, Vectorworks is making "improvements" that no-one asked for, and is making things harder on most users.

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