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  1. Can you perhaps put in a request to update this file to include the very standard connector that was previously available to us?
  2. Did you ever get a sample file? I'm running into this same issue.
  3. Jim's solution above is correct. What is the actual computer model you are running on? Do you have another graphics card aside from the Intel integrated graphics? My understanding is that the integrated graphics on the motherboard is not sufficient to run VW, you will have to have an actual graphics card that meets the VW specs. If you already have one, the problem is that windows isn't using the better graphics processor to run VW. Follow Jims link in that case.
  4. This is a laptop with a docking station, And it was the issue in the link. I had done it for VW2018, but I forgot when I installed 2019 to add it to the list. Thanks!
  5. New install of 2019, did not import user files. First saw this when editing a file started in 2018, but after only a few operations my view looks like a 1980 video game. once it happens it pops in and out of this state as I move the cursor. The file in the screenshot is brand new. Started inserting truss and on the last stick it did this. If I pan and zoom there is a ghost image retained of the moment that the glitch occurred. That's what the white grid to the left is. The purple is the current page outline. If I go into a 3d view, it shifts to green, but otherwise remains the same, glitching in and out as I move the cursor. DxDiag.txt
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