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I work in architectural millwork, doing shop drawings, and I'm trying to create a data tag for our finish notes. I have attached an image of a typical finish note/bubble we use. I can create a data tag easily enough, but I don't know how to make the bubble automatically adjust around the text. What I have works fine *most* of the time, but say I have a longer note (such as WDV-01) that some designers use, it runs outside the bubble. Is there a way to make the bubble adjust to text? Or is there a better tool for this?


Any help appreciated! Hope everyone has a good holiday season...



Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 10.08.20.png

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This sounds brilliant. But I'm missing something. When I select the contraints, I get light green dimensions around the bubble. But when I finish editing the data tag, I don't have the bubble anymore. There must be somewhere to specify the distance from the boundary - where is it?




Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.38.28.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.38.32.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.38.37.png

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Wait! I got it. Helps if you actually read the instructions. Apply the constraints to the text, not the bubble. Which is great. But last question (I think). When you input a long text note, the bubble ends get elongated. Is there a way to constrain those but adjust the middle portion of the bubble? See attached:


Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.43.22.png

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4 minutes ago, Ride said:

When you input a long text note, the bubble ends get elongated. Is there a way to constrain those but adjust the middle portion of the bubble?


Hmm I don't know what you can do about this, other than use a Rectangle for the bubble... Perhaps someone else knows a way

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Instead of making the bubble a polygon, make it an open polygon for each end and constrain them to fixed width and height and appropriately Left and Right. Connect them with lines that are constrained Left and Right and have Fixed Height.  That way the ends are separate from the overall length and won't change aspect ratio.


Top is a polygon. Bottom is the open poly with line at the top. Bottom line left off for clarity.











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Hmm. This is promising. But why do my lines extend beyond the bubble when the text gets really long? I tried a few different variations on your settings above (including control points of the top and bottom lines), but always the same result.


Does your example have the same behaviour?


Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 13.35.15.png

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Ok, following up on this thread. The data tag works perfectly. But here's a question - now that the bubble are separate lines, the tag has no fill. So if I use this over a woodgrain hatch, things start to look a bit messy. Any way to get a fill for the bubble?

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Hi Guys -


This thread was very helpful - so thank you!


I have one more question to add into the data tag mix. 


Can anyone help me figure out why I am unable to succeed in a  'right constrained' hanging position? All data tags seem to work correctly until the text bubble gets too large. Then my Right Side position label arrow ignores its right constraint, and the poly line bulb behind the text extends past the right constraint.

Data Tag A - Text is Right Aligned ; Polyline backing is constrained on both Left & Right Side ; Arrow Constrained on Right Side. Poly Line Backing extends pat right constraint. 


Data Tag B - Text is Left Aligned ; Polyline backing is constrained on both Left & Right Side ; Arrow Constrained on Right Side. Data Tag insertion point is not the end point ?


Data Tag C - Same as Data Tag A, but with the open poly lines as shown on this thread.


Any thoughts? 


Screenshots & File attached! Thanks

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 4.28.10 PM.png

Data Tag Example.vwx

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Hi Pat! 


So I switched all of my attempts to have the text aligned Left , which fixes the data tag layout, but then the data tag does not insert where I would expect it to. As in when I select the data tag and hover over my object - the little Arrow is the only thing that touches. But once I insert the data tag object, it centers the stage over where I clicked. Can I change that?


Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 4.52.13 PM.png

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Post a file with a sample here.


I think you just need to edit the layout and just shift everything so that the tip of the black triangle is at the zero,zero point of the layer window.


And you may need to use Right Align instead of Left and have different tag styles for right and left ends.



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I think there is a bug in the Data tags. It seems that when the insertion point is on the right, some of the objects are shifted right instead of left as they should be.


If you can live with your Trim: section being the same distance from the arrow  instead of the same distance from the beginning of the text, then you an just insert you Left style tags and then use the Mirror tool to flip it.




I will try to write up a bug report to get this fixed.

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