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Thinking about a new monitor - looking for advice.


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Currently running a single 12+ year old 27" apple cinema display off my 2018 Macbook and I think time has come to replace it.  Monitor works fine but speakers stopped working and makes zoom meetings difficult.  New apple 27" looks nice (and expensive) but find myself tempted by the slew of ultra wide monitors and find myself attracted to something around the 34" range curved.

Of utmost importance is I dont want any integration issues with Mac OS and I like USB-C/Thunderbolt connections.  I do need a web cam and speakers for zoom meetings.  Not keen on 2x monitors and would prefer everthing on 1 monitor.  Been just fine for long time with 27" but more real estate would be a good thing. I dont do high end rendering or any photo stuff but appreciate a quality image and proper functionality.


Can anyone offer some advice and help with suggestions?  Black Friday just around the bend and all.

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I have been thru many monitors over the years, even had the 30" Cinema Display back in the day and its still working fine. However I have 3 workstation areas, Home, Work and Beach office's. I use the same LG 43" ISP 4k at each location with my MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro Max , and they work flawlessly, with USB 3 Connection at 60MHZ

Why bother with dual monitors, this is so much easier. Will take you a day or so to get used to it, as screen distance is more like 24" vs 18".  Best Buy currently has best price vs B&H as My associate just bought 2 from them.

Hope this helps.  Do not run HDMI it takes you down to 30MHZ. USB c/ and Mini display port work great.

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On 11/15/2022 at 7:20 AM, Kerschbaumer said:

Can anyone offer some advice and help with suggestions?  Black Friday just around the bend and all.


Budget option that actually looks pretty good once you adjust the settings.

++ Includes a decent ergo stand, cable management, and cables.

-- The speakers are mediocre of course and it is not super-bright if that's your thing.  It jiggles a little bit when extended and being heavy on the work surface.


Here's a cyber Monday deal...







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