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  1. I have been thru many monitors over the years, even had the 30" Cinema Display back in the day and its still working fine. However I have 3 workstation areas, Home, Work and Beach office's. I use the same LG 43" ISP 4k at each location with my MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro Max , and they work flawlessly, with USB 3 Connection at 60MHZ Why bother with dual monitors, this is so much easier. Will take you a day or so to get used to it, as screen distance is more like 24" vs 18". Best Buy currently has best price vs B&H as My associate just bought 2 from them. Hope this helps. Do not run HDMI it takes you down to 30MHZ. USB c/ and Mini display port work great.
  2. I have used many, all hooked up to 43” 4k monitor. I have the set up at 3 work locations. ‘I have been using the OWC dock, but the last one I got about 9 mths ago went south, so I trashed it and went with the Brydge Pro dock, which is fantastic. I go the display port route that allows for 4k at 60hz, frees up the USB-C for my external back up.drive. the other USB-C is out put to my macbook pro 16”, all USB’s are used, RJ for internet, so simple, all i do is plug in 1 USB-C to the mac, and it’s up and running, plus the hub supplies 100w power as well. Hope that helps
  3. Call me, as I have an office in Pinehurst, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. VW user since 1986. 910-315-9901 David Nichols- Over 2000 projects completed in both of your criteria.
  4. After the last SP update to VW 2018 the Framing tool now hangs, and VW becomes unresponsive (spinning beach ball) Have to force quit the application. Does this on all files, without exception.
  5. Up until version 2019, I have always created a Layer link for the creation of a model. I then use this model by creating a hidden line rendering of the model for my elevations. This has never been an issue Up until 2019. The new version locks all associated layers I linked to the model, which was true with previous versions. But I choose to make a copy of in Hidden line. 2019 will not accomplish this task. Does anyone have a solution
  6. When creating a roof after latest service pack vw2018 the roof will now totally disappear if geometry is changed, ie could not create roof dialog appears, previously you could continue to make changes to data points, and the roof would eventually come back to life. For the life of me I do not understand why the team at vw cannot get the basic tools up to date, as others have mentioned about the stair tool. I guess new bells and whistles entice new customers. Regards all.
  7. After latest SP of VW2016 my roof now displays multiple planes that do not exist. This happens in hidden line, open Gl or any other view other than top plan, and thus I must ungroup the roof in order to display the roof correctly. I have never had this issue before. what is needed to resolve this issue as its costing me time in completing my work. Attached screen shot shows roof in top plan view ® and same roof Hidden Line (L)
  8. contact me, as i have done numerous pole barn, horse barn, timber frame and bent designs, biggest factor is determining weight of structure vs lift, per your wind zone. Footing design will allow you to resolve lift issue if present. andesign@embarqmail.com, i can send you some designs which may help you with your design work. you are also correct in that a structural engineer may not be needed, if dealing with a competent inspector.. regards David N
  9. I'm in the same boat, still on Mavericks and holding out on primary computer. Have made the move on my other Mac Pro (2012) & MacBook Pro with El Capitan and have seen no issues. Will wait until SP1 for 2016 and SP5 for 2015 and 10.11.1 release, will test at that point and then migrate.
  10. Been using Kensington Turbo Track ball with Vectorworks / MiniCad since 1995, never any issues with drivers or software, and once you get used to a track ball (2 days) you will never go back to a mouse. Switched to slim blade version 2 years ago. Have 6 Turbo's dating back 10 years and they all work fine, plug in and go. Check it out, you will not regret.
  11. I too am experiencing sudden crashes w/ SP2, happens most often w/ paste in place as well as selection of a wall or text and then hitting copy.
  12. no issues running vw 2012 / 2013 / 2014 on mavericks. actually more stable than 2014 in my opinion. Using vw since 1986 was called Blueprint then. Just installed on the NEW MacPro, received it Tuesday and runs flawlessly. This new Mac is scary fast, opened all software on my system, and 12 vw files and it still rendered a complex model in Final Renderworks in about 5 seconds
  13. Same issues with dimensions, a lot of them are missing and some just extend out to space and others are not where they were when I closed the file. This release is so buggy and so full of issues, that i've gone back to 2012 with all its issues. Roof is a total joke, and I am unable to create a roof on a complex house without the file crashing or freezing up.
  14. I'm having the same issue with tab issues, especially with the move tool, which I use constantly. There was no issue with this in any previous version of VW. Why can't someone fix the plug in, as I am not going to change my system preferences on my mac, just to resolve an issue that could be fixed by a SP. I'm surprised it wasn't fixed in the SP1 that was just released.
  15. Will VW 2011 be compatible with the new MAC OS Lion Release in July ?
  16. Everytime I use an Elevation Benchmark, it draws a dotted Line as opposed to a solid line. Changing Line attributes has no effect, nor does changing class attributes for the object. This was working fine in previous SP 1. I tried it on several other drawings as well and a new drawing and the issue still persists. May be a bug, but I don not know how to post. Anyone else having this issue ? VW2011 Designer w/ Renderworks and SP2 applied.
  17. In previous version 2010 my dimensions were set up to display as fractional dimensions w/ second box checked. Now in 2011 I use the same font & size same box checked but fractions appear w/ an extra space after the slash 25' 1 1/4" now 25' 1 1/ 4" Is anyone experiencing similar issues.
  18. Downgraded last night back too 10.6.3, and all is well again. No issues w/computer Loaded 10.6.4 on another drive, and the issue came back.
  19. If you create a view port w/ an Open GL render it will not even render at all. much less print. Open GL does work on screen, but not in a viewport, export of any kind or print of any kind.
  20. Thats when I discovered the issue, when printing To Pdf or mail pdf in Print dialog box. It makes no difference if it is a Open GL scene, it will not print.
  21. You cannot print anything w/ Vectorworks 2010 in an Open GL rendering, whether it be print to Mail, Printer etc. or even export Image, VW will crash. This started today after updating to Mac OS 10.6.4. last night. Need help to resolve issue. Having to use screen capture and then convert image from png to pdf in order to send to clients. Otherwise I will need to downgrade back to OS 10.6.3
  22. I noticed at least a 40% increase in render speed since the update see my under hood below
  23. Automatic Wall Joins are turned off. Getting additional odd behavior on walls from files that were orig. created in VW2009 and opened w/ version 2010
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