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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Having a very frustrating time trying to rotate a 3D object off the working plane. When I watch the video on the tool from the Help site, the protractor icon automatically flips to match whatever face the cursor is hovering over, but it won't flip to match faces in my VW. I've tried looking for snapping options that might be disabled, but I found nothing. I even reset snapping just to be sure, the problem persists. I've tried restarting VW, the computer, a new document, modifier keys, but nothing changes.
  2. Hi, 1. Why is it that 2D dwgs are super slow in VW when they are quite easy to handle in any other CAD software? How can I make them work better in VW? When I try to move around an imported (or referenced, tried both) dwg it takes seconds before it moves or anything happens. And it's a blank VW-document which has no other files in it. The dwg isn't too complicated and works super smooth in softwares like AutoCAD. 2. When I have made a crop of parts of the original dwg I want to use to make my 3D drawing, the crop doesn't "stick" to the dwg. I've changed the actual crop from Screen to Layer but problem stays. Hope this make sense. I have a drawing which have both section and plan view in the same dwg, and just want to split them apart so I can "stand" the section view next to the plan view. Just like Make Doubleday does in this video. Please let me know your thoughts on this 😃 Thanks! // martin
  3. The ability to "preview" your 3D rotation would be very helpful. Just add a little preview button in the window. That way you wouldn't have to toggle back and forth to get your rotation right!
  4. I have a long line of trees I want to key out and it makes sense to do using angled text. Have tried a number of ways but all seem very primitive and dumb, I was hoping to do something in a worksheet but could not get a consistent indent and then found worksheets refuse to be set at an angle. What I've settled on is a txt file and then dropping that into a vw txt object, viewporting that and turning the view port, but it's hardly elegant and data is not accessible by vw. So what do you all do when you want angled text? I have Landmark 2012, I do not have the Space Planning toolset (IDK what vw flavour this comes with) so don't have Adjacency Matrix. I've tried the angled text tool but frankly it looks very unprofessional as kerning is all over the place - a ragged edge all across bottom of page.
  5. Hi VW friends! This is maybe a rookie question... I was watching a VW tutorial online (The Power of 3D Modeling with Vectorworks Software) And noticed that the instructor was able to rotate around the 3D object while selecting edges with the fillet tool! I have been using VW for quite a while and never realized I could do that! I looked through the list of keyboard shortcuts but haven't been able to find anything that appeared to do this... Pls enlighten me, because it's literally been years of filleting only one or two edges at a time! Thanks! ( Video tutorial link pasted below... the part I'm referring to is at 6:30)
  6. Total Marionette beginner here. Spiral pattern of dots in polar coordinates looks like a thing that could be done in vwx with marionette: Therefore, trying to make a bunch of lines in polar coordinate that start at Origin and have Length = R, Angle = θ (radians about the origin) such that R=θ eg 2,2 represents a line of length 2 that is rotated 2 radians. This is my attempted network to make any one of the lines: This net returns a line on x axis of Length = value in the Int node (eg 2, or 5, or other integer). But no rotation. Perhaps because the pEnd needs both x,y? With only 1 input (x) from the Int node it assumes y =0 and ignores the rotation. Strange, but the net returns nothing if I name any of the nodes. eg if I name the Point2 node 0_0 to indicate the origin. If I ever get the line part, I would then try to replace the Int node with a network made to step through a range of prime numbers and return a line for each prime, and place a dot at the end point of each line, to produce the fun spiral pattern. Oiy, so much to learn! Or Maybe a better approach is to forget the lines and directly place dots based on sine & cosine of the polar coords? Have to think about that one. Also I see no prime number node. What is technique for accessing external list of primes (eg in a worksheet or text block )? Any suggestions or help or pointers to resources welcome. Thanks -B
  7. I wish I could select a bunch of elements and apply a scale or rotate or flip option to them and make them react each one independently and not as a group. Maybe in VW 2019 theres a way to do it.. I still use 2018. thanks joey
  8. I wrote a script that creates a grid of rectangles (to be a column grid) based on points a set distance away from each other within a polyline boundary. How can I rotate the grid so that rather than the rectangles being rotated relative to the world XY, the GRID is rotated to align with the polyline (i.e., the grid's rotation is the same as the polyline, so the rectangles are rotated 0deg relative to the polyline). Part 1 is the script as it stands and Part 2 is the script when it's run.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to deform an object on an axis using the 'bend' mode. However, it will only let me bend from a point that I pick on the object. How do I set the axis somewhere else, so I can bend on a different plane? Thanks
  10. In 2018 when coying and paste my objects disappear. By copying again and paste they appear. Anyone? Also: By marking an object and doubleclick rotate and rotate say 90° the object makes the same....disappear. There remains a "ghost", an orange line when you pass it with the cursor and its possible to copy, delete it and paste it again. Then it appears. Work on mac Sierra 10.12.6 Rolle
  11. I’m using VW2017 with Spotlight and I use the ‘rotate left 90 degrees’ command as a keyboard shortcut a lot. I’d like symbols to automatically rotate around their insertion point but mine don’t when I’ve got a label legend applied to them. When the label legend is applied the symbol rotates around the centre point of the symbol and the legend combined instead. I've explored using a vectorscript to help here but haven't got enough knowledge to make it work. I've noticed when I insert a locus on top of the insertion point and highlight both the symbol and the locus, the symbol will rotate around the locus. Could a script: insert locus on insertion point, rotate left 90degs, delete locus? Many thanks in advance!
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