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  1. I wrote a script that creates a grid of rectangles (to be a column grid) based on points a set distance away from each other within a polyline boundary. How can I rotate the grid so that rather than the rectangles being rotated relative to the world XY, the GRID is rotated to align with the polyline (i.e., the grid's rotation is the same as the polyline, so the rectangles are rotated 0deg relative to the polyline). Part 1 is the script as it stands and Part 2 is the script when it's run.
  2. @Alan Woodwell I've been playing with it a little more and it works beautifully in the x and y directions, but I'm not sure why there's such a big gap in the z direction. I wonder if it's influenced by the sub node somehow.
  3. @Alan Woodwell When I run the V0001 file, I get the bottom two extrudes overlapping, and the top one is far above the stack. But now that I see how this script is run, I can try to figure out how it works to suit my needs! Thank you for your help, and I'll reach out if I have more questions.
  4. I'm trying to be able to stack boxes in any direction. @alanwoodwell
  5. @Alan Woodwell How do I change the direction? When I used the 3D Array xyz node from this script, but connected to the dir, stp V and countV ports, only the Scale by Area node had any function.
  6. I am trying to create a script where I can select a shape, scale it to a specified area, extrude it to a specified height and then duplicate array the extruded object in any direction. I found a couple Marionette scripts through archived posts that work well for stairs, but I can't change the step directions on any of them. How can I expand on this to array the duplicates in a chosen direction, at a set distance from each other?
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