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Found 11 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has created a plant schedule that will also include an image of the species. I've been trying to attach an image to the plant data under 'Image Detail'. With both the functions 'Import an External File' or 'Image Resource'(after importing the image into the working VW file. Then I tried inserting column into the schedule with the database header >> ='Plant record'.'Image Detail' << However the result that comes up is <image> and doesn't actually show the image that is attached to that specific plant data set. I've even tried inserting the following functions without any success =IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail') >> RESULTS: =IMAGE(='Plant record'.'Image Detail') =IMAGE(S='Plant record'.'Image Detail') >> RESULTS: False =IMAGE('Image Detail') >> RESULTS: Custom Image ='Image Detail'
  2. Hi, I would love to be able to place a plant and it automatically assigns to a class, regardless of the current class setting.
  3. This is a proposed change to the planting tool to make it faster. I feel like it takes too long and is always too confusing between the styles and the replacing styles, and the number of steps/clicks to finally select the plant you have in mind and move on to the next one. What if I have a planting of 50+ different plants? Is the way around this (other than the illustrated idea in the PDF) is to create a template file with common plants I use, or can they show up in the Resource Manager? Additionally, if I had a spread sheet or text file with the list of plants for a design, how could that be imported and evaluated to produce one instance of each plant in the list? From there I could copy and paste, eyedropper tool... Hoping the illustration gets the idea across!
  4. I have a plant list (.csv or .txt) that is just species, plant spacing, and numbers available of each plant: Species spacing available_units I want my tags to just show species, count, spacing, and to see how many plants I have left that are allocated to the job. I do not need or want plant symbols showing (Id rather not use them at all as it just makes file overlarge and is just map clutter), I just want a tag to a polygon. Is this possible? I've tried and get lost in a mass of dialogs, and just go back to what I've always done. Do I have to use the Landscape Area objects?, as there seems to be more mucking around compared with closed polylines/polygons. How do I set this up to be as simple as possible? Can I have a specific list for each job rather than go off a master list? VWs whole plant DB ecosystem has never gelled for me, it is simply more info than I'll ever need (and lacks a lot of utility/control that I need).
  5. I think the plant symbol annotation - polygons, tick, tick size, etc. should be definable by the plant style. I appreciate the ability to mass plants, except for the fact that it eliminates the ability to show more than one object when massed - generally a trunk/center mark. The ticks allow me to work around this "bug?" by placing center marks for my plants in the OIP, but, I cannot set this by style, so spend unnecessary time selecting similar and setting them to be consistent, there is added difficulty building legends in annotative space and going back and forth to check the tick setting for a dozen plant symbols in order to have them match. While we're at it, providing an irregular 3-dot pattern for multi-trunk trees would be useful, too, or letting users create custom ticks?
  6. Hi, is it possible to turn on the 'mass plants' option for existing trees? ....it would look so much better on my site but I can't find an option for it.
  7. Hi guys, I've been working with some tools to improve my planting schemes. The Plant tools already a very complete tool but there's a lack on it: random planting schemes. The normal reply would be the Landscape Area Tool. Take the following example: a certain area, choose 3 species and there you go. There is one problem: it doesn't give us the individual planting scheme in 2D, but it appears in 3D mode: I explored a very interesting Marionnette Object that would help: The result: But there is a problem: it doesn't give you the control that the Landscape Area Tool allows (qty/m2, %, etc.) So, am I missing someting or maybe this would fit on the Wishlist Forum? It's obvious that the information is on the Landscape Area object (otherwise it wouldn't give us a 3D representation and quantities). Why don't make it available on 2D representation? This would be important for Executive Plans, sometimes it is a little to vague to let that information missing. Thanks!!!
  8. I am wondering if there is a way to use a script to populate a worksheet with all of the Plant Plug-in objects that are located within a file's Resource Manager, but not necessarily placed in the drawing. Could this also be refined to populate the list with Plug-in Objects placed within a specific folder in the resource manager? Can the script mine the data of the plug-in object to list the latin name, common name, schedule size, etc. similar to a database worksheet does for objects placed in the drawing. Thanks.
  9. Why do my plants disappear when I change a plant grouping of multiple plants to individual plants ? This only happens when my design layer view is rotated.
  10. With Vectorworks 2016 I can place a plant, add the tag Quantity-ID and it displays as expected. Vectorworks 2017 I do the same and get the correct quantity but the ID displays as "0". Any helpful ideas? Thanks.
  11. I'm after a 3D image prop of a Jelly Palm, have looked through some of the resource folders in VW but not having any luck. Can any point me in the right direction.
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