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  1. @Frank Brault Ah, I have landscape areas set up as "red symbols". It is how I want the plants to work. I have created a red symbol from a plant object as as a plug-in object and set the assigned class to "Design Plants". However, when I place the symbol, it is placed on the active class (in this instance "Design Building"), not the assigned one. I have attached my Create Symbol settings. (added later)...I have completed more investigation and confirmed that the Assign to Class option does not work for landscape areas either. How I get landscape areas to be assigned a class is to edit the 2D component of the red symbol and set the class there. This class is held and used when you place a landscape area, no matter the active class. I am unable to this with the plant. I can edit the 2D component, however cannot change the class from 'none'.
  2. Hi, I would love to be able to place a plant and it automatically assigns to a class, regardless of the current class setting.
  3. Was the remove gaps function on the OIP allways around? I have never seen it before and would use the old and now missing Sort button on the keynote manager. Thanks James
  4. Hi, The Keynotes sort function seems missing in 2020. I n previous versions I would use this to clean up erroneous lines that appeared. I have attached a screen capture showing what I have. Good old "Sort" would clean these up. My workaround is to change all callouts back from keynotes then add them again. Thanks James
  5. Sorry for the late reply Pat. Here is the conversation I had with Julian at OzCAD, I thought this would be better than trying to clearly explain the solution. ME Hi Julian, Thanks for the help over the weekend. Unfortunately, I am still wracking my brains over this. I have attached a file that has the lighting symbols and records. I have spent the morning trying to create this simple worksheet. The trouble I am having is getting all the record items with the same name, i.e. ID to appear in the same column. i.e ID Description Amount L1 Accent Light 4 L2 Pond Light 2 Any thoughts? maybe I need to take a different approach? JULIAN My initial thought is, why do you have all those separate light records with identical fields? This is just going to make everything much harder and the worksheets trickier to program. What you should have is a single record with one additional field where you set the type (Accent, Path, Hanging, etc). Then in the worksheet you could sort by the type field so that each type would be grouped together. Is there a reason not to do this? ME Oh, maybe I am not understanding records correctly. If I attach a generic lighting record to a specific lighting symbol and then populate the fields with values for that specific light, will the values entered remain each time I use the symbol? JULIAN Yes. Record data is unique to either the symbol definition if using symbols, or any object on the drawing you attach the record to, including symbol instances. If you want to build a set of lighting symbols with data already attached, then you do it by editing the symbol and with NOTHING selected within the symbol, attach and edit the record. By design, this will NOT affect data in existing instances of that symbol, so you need to set all this up before you start placing the symbols. ME Great, thanks! Reading this, I don't even know why I did what I did!
  6. No responses required. My question has been resolved by the good people at Ozcad.
  7. I have created a series of landscape lighting symbols that have records attached. For example; ACCENT LIGHT symbol has ACCENT LIGHT record attached POND LIGHT symbol has POND LIGHT record attached Each unique record type have the same fields, eg. ID, Item, Supplier, Model, etc. But the fields differ in values. I am trying to create a report that tables the symbol record field values and quantities. i.e ID Item Supplier Model Amount L1 Accent Light Acme lights 1234 4 L2 Pond Light Alpha lights 5678 2 I have just sent this through to Ozcad support, but thought I would cast the net a little further. Maybe I need to take a different approach? I have attached a file that shows the symbols and records. Thanks in advance James Drainage sandpit 1.vwx
  8. I would like to create a drawing list for the cover sheet of a plan set. I see there is a preformatted report for VAA title blocks, however, I use Title Block Borders. I have tried to create my own report but am really stabbing in the dark wrt the record values. The list will display Drawing No. Drawing Name, Scale thanks in advance
  9. Is there any ability to control the opacity of the landscape area fill without impacting the it's tag?
  10. Running VW 2018 on Windows 10. Revise Issue Print function does not work. Behaviour is that it indicates "Not Responding" on the dialog and you get the spinning blue circle of death. Need to force quit to exit. Happens when printing one or multiple sheets, happens when printing to printer or generating a PDF. Pretty much unusable at the moment. I am still running VW2017 and the same function works fine.
  11. Hi, I thought I would treat myself to a new workhorse and get things specified right up to get into some serious rendering. As part of the upgrade I chose a Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 G1 8GB card. I thought I would now be able to set the display preference to "Best Performance" having always used "Best Compatability". Trouble is I see no change in the redraw/refresh. I am still seeing residue when moving lines, plant tags etc. That only go away when I return to best compatibility. Was I asking too much?
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