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  1. Thanks. A huge part of the problem, here, is that making truss swaps and rearranging configurations are frequently part of the every-day "low-level" design process. Things like this should be incredibly simple and intuitive - so much so that, in a sense, users don't even think about it as they're doing it. As things stand, the current approach gets in the way of the process...
  2. Respectfully, I beg to differ. This whole process is light years from being intuitive. It also doesn't "understand" things like an easy swap from 4 x 10' to 5 x 8'. While, yes, a bit of adjusting after-the-fact was necessary, simple truss Symbols are profoundly more straight-forward to use day-to-day.
  3. With you, there. One of the more infuriating aspects of the Braceworks system...
  4. 3 uses (that I use regularly) come to-mind: Creating crops of 3D views to be used in Sheet Layer ViewPorts. Creating geometry to be used for extrusions that I may not want perpendicular to the Ground Plane. Adding notes/labels/call-outs (that I want on the Screen Plane) on 3D views while working in the Design Layer space.
  5. Many thanks! This is the one I was trying to find because of its detailed wishlist. Have a good one!
  6. I was re-reading this thread from June and again saw this reference. Do you have a link to @fuberator's thread? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  7. The Landru Design version of that tool tracks everything you list, plus a few other things. This version will also let you display everything except manufacturer (unless you use the Note field) in text blocks embedded in the given PIO instance. See the link in my sig for more info.
  8. Actually, I don't necessarily want this automated. I'd like to be able to control when this field (and, possibly, others) gets written/updated.
  9. What is the current syntax for using VS to write to fields in the newer (2021) format TB data format?
  10. A "No" for me. While the attributes you cite ARE important, I don't consider them within the VW environment. Qualities like beam/field angle and output ARE things I need within VW...
  11. Change the default character for "Universe/Address" on the "Lighting Devices/Parameters" tab in the Spotlight Preferences dialog.
  12. At-present, no, The tool only uses the stands it creates on-the-fly.
  13. We are happy to announce that all of our tools have been updated to make them Vectorworks 2022®-compatible! In addition to the usual on-going refinement, you might also notice minor additions and tweaks like "Vendor" and "Cost" fields, hardware Texture control for SoftGoods 2, and 3D Text Blocks for the Staging ToolSet tools. All of the tools will work in any "flavor" of Vectorworks 2018-2022. If you're a current user, you should have received upgrade details in the last few days. If you'd like more info, please visit https://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm Happy Vectorworking!
  14. Is the issue w. the Spotlight version or the Landru Design version?
  15. ...and...while the content is a few years old, this video outlining building your own custom projectors, TVs, and stands is still relevant and might be helpful:
  16. You can copy the Symbol into yiur current file. If the Symbol has the correct Record attached (and, the data is correct) the PIO will recognize and use it.
  17. Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry, the functionality you're wanting isn't part of the mix at this time...
  18. Have you tried using the "Classes..." button at the bottom of the OIP? You can assign some or all of the parts to Classes using that dialog.
  19. The hatch creation system hasn't changed in several versions. Is there any way you can post a demo file showing this problem so we can figure out whether there is something awry in the tools or in the file?
  20. Antoine - If you look at the "__ATS-SpkrModData" or "__ATS-SpkrModData" Record you'll likely find that the different dimension fields (Width, Depth, Thick, etc.) are using the incorrect units. First, make sure that they are TEXT fields (NOT Dimension). Second, make sure that the values they contain include appropriate units markers (mm, cm, ", etc.). If you check and fix those fields and values and then open and close the Config dialog, things should right themselves. I hope this helps.
  21. You likely have something in your file named "5" - could be just about anything. If you can identify and rename that item, you should be able to use "5" as a Focus Point name. In your case, it was a Working Plane. I've attached a file containing a Script that can help you fix such things down-the-road. NameFix.vwx
  22. Yes. Use SetCntrlPtVis (something along the lines of "SetCntrlPtVis(ghParm,1,FALSE)").
  23. Are you running VW 2021? Is your Workspace from a previous version? If so, use the Workspace Editor to remove the tool that is there now and add the new one that shows up in the left-hand pane.
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