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  1. Hi everyone! I am trying to use the "Microh LED Tri Bar" in a project as a groundrow for a cyc. It renders fine in OpenGL but doesn't show up at all in any Renderworks modes (see images below). This has happened to me on multiple files, and also doesn't work as a top cyc. I'm not sure what would be wrong with the emitter itself due to the fact that it renders in OpenGL, nor do I know how to edit the emitter of a lighting fixture in Vectorworks Spotlight (v2019). Any help? Thanks!
  2. I know there are some workarounds for this, but it'd be nice to just have the option to have fixtures excluded from paperwork in the object info panel. Either that or being able to select the classes that the paperwork will create from. I have a class for all standard fixture elements, but I also have a separate class strictly for house lights, so I can visualize with them on. Being able to remove them somehow in a native feature would be brilliant.
  3. Where on your website is this particular handbook available?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm needing to add the Parellipsphere 170mm to my project for plotting a house hang. I've been able to retrieve the symbol of the fixture from separate sources, but don't have the full 3d model I can do pre vis with. Does anyone have a file for this particular fixture with the zoom lens, or has any idea where it might be in the fixture library in 2019? Thanks.
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