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  1. frozenwaffles

    Select Similar Tool - symbol name?

    amazing! thank you so much! i like the find and modify tool. i will lookup Josh's tool however
  2. hi, why does the select similar tool not work on lighting devices? in particular when the only attribute i want it to match is the symbol name??? is there a quick way of selecting all lights of a particular type?
  3. frozenwaffles

    How to draw transparent LED screen or mesh?

    thank you all. i will use this advice
  4. frozenwaffles

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Jim, thanks for your reply. I don't post a lot... but i have been using VW for about 6-7 years now. our company owns 6 licenses too. we pay a lot of money for this software. to see this bug still roaming free and messing with peoples daily lives annoys the f%^k out of me. it frustrates the crap out of all my staff and causes much grief. its beyond a joke. you really need to sort this out. VW 2017 and 2018 are complete dogs of software. here are my steps to reproduce this on a daily level: click 'Update Viewport'.
  5. frozenwaffles

    How to draw transparent LED screen or mesh?

    ok cool. thanks for this. how do i then map an image on it to also show the correct quality of the image due to the low resolution? i thought the LED tool could do this but it doesn't have transparency i actually already have the Martin symbols, but you cant map content over these...
  6. Hi, does anyone know how to draw transparent LED screens such as Martin LC Panel or even ColorWeb? I have VW 2018.
  7. Hi, can we please add official support for the Microsoft Surface Dial? especially on the Surface Book 2 and Studio where you can place it on the screen to get more features and options?! Being able to use it as a symbol selection tool would be amazing! with it showing the symbols...
  8. frozenwaffles

    GrandMA2 Plug-in

    one thing that is annoying is it doesn't work with multi instance fixtures yet. This is a big problem for me with many Martin Stage Bars and Auras in stock. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! it is an awesome bit of plug-in and is very easy to use!