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  1. frozenwaffles

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    @jcogdell this is great news!!! we don't have it yet in australia, but i'm sure we will have it in a few weeks.
  2. frozenwaffles

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    no i really don't. i need to be able to indicate to crew if the lights are on the front or back chord. this really makes a big difference. i'm not asking to create multiple lighting positions or whatever. i just want the 'red line' that fixtures snap to, to be on both the front and back rails of the truss. its actually incredibly simple and should have been done from the very beginning.
  3. frozenwaffles

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    i just want to be able to put lights on the front chord or the back chord....
  4. If i select multiple seating sections, why XXX VW not count ALL THE CHAIRS!?!?!?!?!?! i mean seriously???? do we need to go back to kindergarten....?
  5. frozenwaffles

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    @scottmoore can you explain your second thought about workflows? is this something i have to decide or the software developer???
  6. frozenwaffles

    Truss Tool - which chord?

    Hi fellow VW experts. Soi have been using the new truss tool that allows you to snap lights to the truss. this concept seems great! but it seems you can only snap lights to the middle of the truss, regardless wether its tri truss or box truss or whatever else. i thought you would be able to snap to the chords of the truss, so if its tri point down, then there is one centre rail that you can snap too. if its tri point up or box truss you have a front chord or back chord that you can snap too... thoughts?
  7. frozenwaffles

    Windows 10 1903 Upgrade???

    ok so after uninstalling vectorworks completely and also uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers completely and it still not working, we nailed it down to a Displaylink driver being the issue. Updated this and re-installed everything once again and all is working. my user had a 24" LCD connected to his laptop for main view but also a USB displaylink LCD for pallets and other misc items to show on his workstation.
  8. frozenwaffles

    Windows 10 1903 Upgrade???

    thanks for these suggestions adam, will try these.
  9. frozenwaffles

    Windows 10 1903 Upgrade???

    no this is not it. this license is only being used on one machine with one install.
  10. frozenwaffles

    Windows 10 1903 Upgrade???

    Hi, not 100% sure if this is the right forum for this, so Mods please move if needed...but.... Has anyone had trouble with Vectorworks 2019 (SP4) not successfully opening after an update to Windows 10 1903? We have had 3 machines in the office all upgrade fine and Vectorworks continues to work just fine. One person's laptop upgraded and Vectorworks now will close as soon as its finished loading and opening all the palettes. Any ideas?
  11. this update is still not available in Australia...
  12. frozenwaffles

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    Hi, have you done a rebuild of your computer? What are you running? Mac or PC? if windows, what version?
  13. @jblock can you push this to OZCAD in Australia please? the service pack is not vet available to me.
  14. I have this same problem! this is a big issue and needs to be fixed... very annoying as i can save my work now!
  15. frozenwaffles

    Option to publish to OneDrive

    be good if Vectorworks does a partnership like this: https://www.onmsft.com/news/newly-released-autocad-2020-now-supports-dwg-file-saves-to-onedrive-box


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