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  1. That would be for portioning the drive. I vaguely remember having to allocate memory size, by selecting the program and changing the size there, not in disk utility. Also, after downloading both the hqx and bin files, I can't open them on my new system because it says it can't find the application that created it. I get the same message on my old G-4 when I try and open it there. What am I missing? Thanks for any additional help or directions to find some of the answers to this 'relic' of a computer I am using. I would love to see how fast my work won be on a new system, but I'm very happy with the one I have.....
  2. Thanks, I'll download this and see. Can you help with finding where to increase the partition size?
  3. I just replaced my drive on an old MAC G-4 and had to reinstall from the discs. I lost any updates that I was able to download many years ago. 1. I would like to update as far as I can on this version, 2. with the reinstall, I lost all of my settings and do not remember where to go to 'increase the portion size' that comes up during some operations. I have a G-4 ruining Mac OS 9.2.1 with built in memory of 1.5 GB. Does anyone know of where I can find the info that I need? Thanks in advance. I'm retired and don't need to spend a lot of money to dabble with a fun program that I have created many symbols over the years.


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