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  1. @DonduPlease contact our tech support team at uktech@vectorworks.net and we can troubleshoot the issue - thanks
  2. @LeeElstonCouple of resources here: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/create-presentations/?app=WEB
  3. @beatriz_10b Go to the Student portal https://student.myvectorworks.net and log in with your credentials then navigate to "Status Da Conta" and you'll find your serial#.
  4. @RacyPlease log in to the Student portal, and under the Account Status, you will see your current serial number. In the same place, you can request an extension if needed it.
  5. @ParkerJamesSome content from the University: A guide to BIM collaboration between Revit and Vectorworks Architect
  6. @mab2440You can have access to your serial # information by login to the student portal under the download/Descargar menu https://student.myvectorworks.net/
  7. Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 was released yesterday. It is my understanding that this issue, amongst some others, is fixed. For additional information:
  8. Vectorworks, Inc. has released an update to its second Service Pack (SP2.1) for the Vectorworks 2022 product line. This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes. For a full list of improvements in the 2022 SP2.1 update, please visit this page. Service Pack Improvements and Fixes User interface Fixes login issues Restores the appearance of the cursor when hovering over palettes (Mac OS Monterey) Vectorworks Site Protection Server Fixes dongle issues (Mac OS) Properly displays available licenses and licensed products IFC Corrects the display of IFC entities exported to IFC and imported back into Vectorworks Fixes issues with window geometry export, and resolves crashes at export Spotlight and Braceworks Corrects Cable tool issues and prevents duplicated cable objects Cable objects and paths now remain on their assigned layers Fixes issues with truss alignment, preview highlighting, and when deleting truss connections Corrects the weight calculations of truss drops for block & fall hoist types Maintains extrude location during MVR export and Vision import Fixes label legend layout and selection issues Resolves Data Manager formula issues when opening previous version files Fixes issues with sketch style rendering Corrects issues with plant spread and height fields Restores the data mapping settings of wall style names Fixes 2D components display in design layer section viewports Updates the following content libraries: bridles (force data); truss magnets; gobo textures; hardscapes (tag parameters); Landmark libraries (BIM data and material take-off data); data tags (hoists); and links for tags in the Resource Manager (Architectural template) Installing the Service Pack This service pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2022. To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows). Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.
  9. @JimmmyJ If you are running the latest macOS Monterey 12.1 the last thing to do is to update to Vectorworks 2022 latest SP2 and try again. If the problem persist, feel free to contact tech@vectorworks.net
  10. @aep43 Your extension has been approved - have a great day!
  11. @willofmaineYou are correct, and it seems like started happening in Vectorworks 2022 SP2. The issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next SP.
  12. @Benson Shaw It was not intended - the issue was reported, and we are waiting for a fix in a future version. - thank you for reporting it.
  13. @a.v.gYou license has been approved. Have a great 2022
  14. Adding the request as an enhancement (internal VE-102617)
  15. Some additional information from our R&D team: Currently both Vectorworks and IFC standard do not support the import and transfer to native object of IFC entities.There is a concept called IFC4 Design Transfer View(DTV) being developed by buildingSmart, that will enable that, but it is still in its infancy. Once there is something concrete in the DTV specs we will look into implementing it in Vectorworks.
  16. I mentioned in another thread that we will be working on upgrading or replacing that article. However, I would like to start by sharing some information especially related to the new M1 architecture: GPU operations: Flyover, Zooming, and Panning Feedback graphics( snapping, highlighting, etc.) Shaded rendering Rendering plug-ins such as Redshift / TwinMotion / Lumion/ Enscape Vision – 2022SP2 runs natively on M1's CPU operations Renderworks Hidden line Plan drawing 3D modeling (mix CPU/GPU) Viewports (Mix CPU/GPU depending on type of rendering) Based on the information above, you can start identifying the type of hardware you may need based on your workflows. I will say that I will recommend at a minimum of 16GB of unified memory with any of the M1 Pro or Max. For Vision users, I recommend 24 core-GPU at a minimum with 32GB of Unified memory.
  17. @Martin LeonardWould you please let me know if you still have issues with your student license?
  18. We are still testing the version released on Monday. However, we are starting to get reports from customers that after updating to macOS 12.1, the issues with the Save as, and Export menus are gone. We will be updating the Monterey article with more information in a day or two.
  19. is this also true after upgrading to macOS 12.1? Thanks so much for your help.
  20. The Vectorworks application and services generally do not use Java or the Java runtime. Therefore, they are not affected by this issue, and the attack surface for this issue at Vectorworks is minimal. Like any organization, Vectorworks does use a small number of internal tools and services that use Java and Log4j. We have reviewed these tools and services and have identified mitigating factors preventing these systems from being exploited at the onset of this issue. We continue to roll out further mitigations and vendor updates to these systems as appropriate to eliminate any residual risk in these areas.
  21. @Marty AikensThank you for your patience. Your license has been extended - thanks
  22. @Zachary HubbardTheir manual seems to indicate that they support ArtNet and sACN. So, I'd say yes. We don't support their Titan Net -
  23. @jbbhxGo to the Student Portal, login and click on the Download tab and then you can request or download the version 2022.
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