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  • Vectorworks 2024 Update 2 Available for Download - Update 2.1


    12/14/2023 - UPDATE 2.1 released



    • Resolves an issue with the Spotlight Cable tool
    • Fixes crashes when updating viewports


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second update for the Vectorworks 2024 product line. This update includes the following quality improvements that enhance your everyday experience with Vectorworks 2024.


    Important Enhancements

    • General
      • Support for Omniverse Live Sessions
      • Vectorworks now provides the ability to collaborate with other Omniverse users in a synchronized live session. With the new Live mode of the Omniverse Connector tool, Omniverse Live Session models update automatically in real time as users change Vectorworks models.
      • The default detail setting for Shaded rendering has been increased to High in all template files.
      • Enscape's real-time 3D visualization capabilities are now available on Mac.
      • Improves the general stability of worksheets.
    • Rendering
      • Fixes issues with the Camera Match Fine Tune View and cameras linked with viewports.
      • Restores the Shadow Catcher shader.
      • Improves Redshift renderings on macOS Sonoma.
      • Resolves issues with lights in the Visualization palette on Windows.
      • In project sharing, resolves an issue with title blocks that changed all sheet layers to be checked out in a new project sharing file.
      • Resolves an issue with the Resource Manager crashing when quitting Vectorworks.
    • Interoperability
      • Enhances IFC support and default Data Manager settings for windows, doors, ramps, grid lines, columns, and pilasters.
      • Adds Data Manager support for IFC project and building story entities.
      • Improves IFC support for custom property sets, referencing, and project sharing.
      • Improves IFC4 export when the model is far away from the origin.
    • Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight
      • New data tags are available for fences.
      • Fence and railing tool worksheets have been added.
    • Architect
      • New catalog of Aristokraft® cabinets is available.
      • Improves door thresholds and window sills at wall closures.
      • Enhances the representation of doors using pocket door configurations and representation of windows with custom sashes.
      • Improves the interactive sizing and handing widgets for doors and windows.
      • Enhances the auto join behavior of the Structural Member tool, along with its representation of custom profile shapes and view in Top/Plan.
      • Improves Wall tool interactivity and joining.
      • Enhances Selection tool performance when dragging inserts in walls.
      • Improves the general stability of railing and cabinet objects.
      • Resolves an issue that caused some walls to disappear unexpectedly.
    • Landmark
      • Improves the stability of site models and site modifiers, site model cut and fill behavior, and the presentation of site model proposed surfaces.
    • Spotlight
      • Improves cable tools stability, cable undo operations, and automatic cable routing.
      • Cable resources can now be accessed when saved in user or workgroup folders.
      • When a hoist is placed on a truss or hanging position, it acquires the position name.
      • The Cable Area tool can be limited to a layer.
      • Double-clicking an item in the component graph selects the item in the drawing.
      • Improves the sort order of wire sizes and connections.
      • Importing MVR now allows for scaled primitive objects.
      • Find and Modify commands, along with worksheets, now update lighting device parameters.
      • Enhances the stability of and information in inventory and equipment lists.
      • Improves worksheets created from inventories.
      • Summary key
        • The summary key no longer allows duplicate objects in its component list.
        • General improvements have been incorporated into summary key geometry and alignments.
      • Allows focusing lighting devices without the Parts record.
    • Vision
      • Adds support for gLTF/glb backed GDTF files.
      • GDTF-based conventional fixtures can be focused and saved in Vision.
      • Built-in webcam used in M-Series MacBook Pro is now supported as a capture device.
    • ConnectCAD
      • Enhances the Create Panel View command workflow:
        • More accurate naming of connectors.
        • Restores the Convert to Unstyled option.
        • Improves updating display tags on new linked sockets.
        • Improves handling of devices with the same name.
        • Improves socket selection from within a panel layout style; lists the sockets of the devices that are linked to the style’s instances and the sockets of the devices of the style’s device type.
      • Better handling of mounting depth for rear mounted equipment.
      • Better handling of nested rooms.
      • Resolves an issue that caused rack frames and equipment items to move outside of the 3D rack when the rack frames and equipment items were selected and moved.


    For a complete list of improvements in this update, please visit this page.


    Installing the Update

    This update is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2024. To install the update, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).


    Please submit a support request in the customer portal if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.

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