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  1. Mitchell (the other one)

    'Glow Texture' - I'm new to it!

    That cake may be the best rendered model I've seen here . . . . nice work!
  2. Mitchell (the other one)

    farm tractor symbol

    I'm looking for a farm tractor symbol in plan view. Does anyone have one they might share? Or point me towards a good resource? Thanks.
  3. Mitchell (the other one)

    Drop Shadow for 2D symbols

    On / off button in attributes palette.
  4. Mitchell (the other one)

    Dimensions with Leader Line Question

    Now that I understand the spacing you want to control (sorry I missed that), I kept trying but no solution either.
  5. Mitchell (the other one)

    Dimensions with Leader Line Question

    The topmost field will adjust the distance between the text and the line. Two examples, the first with the default spacing, the second adjusted to a tighter spacing.
  6. Mitchell (the other one)

    Dimensions with Leader Line Question

    Try, File > Document Preferences > Dimensions > Custom, then create a custom dimension, Select it, then Edit and you should be able to control all aspects of the dimension.
  7. Mitchell (the other one)

    Roof Trusses

    That doesn't seem to be an issue in our market. Trusses here all use 2x material, 2x6 being standard. Occasionally we will use a 2x8 cord but with a minimum heel height of 11" to get the code required insulation values at the exterior walls, top and bottom cord dimensions have never been an issue with a flat bottom cord truss. I agree with you for a mono slope truss or a scissor truss, there is less space within the truss to work with and member size is important. Thank you for your reply.
  8. Mitchell (the other one)

    Roof Trusses

    Good afternoon, I am a long time Vectorworks user, new to the Tech Board, (this is my first posting), I am a subscriber to the older Vectorworks User Discussion List. My first question is for those that create models of buildings that will be built with roof trusses. How are you modelling and controlling (manipulating) the profile of the roof trusses? Here (in western Canada) the vast majority of our houses are built with roof trusses. During the design I may adjust the depth of the truss heel and the roof slope several times as needed to meet the overall building height allowed within the site zoning. Without a roof truss tool (if there is one I'm going to look pretty dumb) are you drawing a truss in elevation and then extruding it for the model? Creating a roof face and then positioning it to allow for a heel depth? As for the final building section, I'm not looking for the software to suggest a truss type (Howe, Fink, etc.), just provide a profile using the parameters I control as the designer and then the truss manufacture can build to fit the profile. Thanks.


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