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  1. Once you have created the Door Style you want and then applied it to the door PIO, is there any advantage to then converting that 'styled' door PIO to a symbol? The conversion to a symbol seems to loose some of the functionality of the style, Use Wall Depth for example. I'm just having a little problem letting go of years of placing door symbols from my master file of doors.
  2. Ahah, Step 1, if you are not using Rulers, turn them on, then you will be able to see where 0,0 is. Now it makes sense - thank you.
  3. Just wondering how everyone is creating and placing doors. Previously I had a master file of doors and would just copy and insert the first instance as needed in my drawing. After that using the Eye Dropper tool in the Symbol Insertion Tool I would place further instances of doors as needed. Then I started exploring Door Styles and liked the greater degree of control but wondering if all doors in a drawing should remain as PIOs or are others creating a symbol for each door size / type once the PIO is configured as needed. I like the Use Wall Depth for the jambs but once a PIO has been converted to a symbol the jamb depth doesn't seem to adjust.
  4. Thank you - I was thinking along similar lines but late in the evening it just wasn't working for me. "As a test I just grouped the Top view objects and then used the OIP to set the center of the group to 0,0. " Could you walk me through the steps in using the OIP to set the centre - I haven't used this technique before.
  5. Certainly, simple file attached. Flipping doors.vwx
  6. Haven't had this issue before. Creating some new door symbols with door styles. Flipping this bypass door: - Flip 1 - works correctly, door leafs flip side to side, - Flip 2 - door symbol goes end to end but the door shifts down, - Flip 3 - works correctly, door leafs flip side to side, - Flip 4 - door symbol goes end to end but the door shifts up and does not return to the original position. I've looked at the symbol to see if there is a piece off to one end but didn't see anything. Any suggestions?
  7. Could I take advantage of your offer as well? I'm just learning some RW techniques and I'd like to see where the bar is set. Thanks.
  8. The attached elevation has background rendering set to Artistic Renderworks (Lines and Shadows, Edge at 0.5, Colours to black and grey), foreground rendering set to Hidden Line (Angle 1, Generate intersecting lines, Display surface hatches, Display text and markers). Any input on where the extra lines running to the windows are coming from and how to eliminate them? Elevation question 04_29_20.pdf
  9. 8. If steps 1 through 7 don't work, open your recent backup copies and see if you can go back to a point where your drawing was as expected.
  10. Well, that 17 second video has given me a new tool / technique - thank you.
  11. More window tinkering, social distancing lends itself to learning more tool features. The first image shows a window with interior and exterior trims. The second image shows the settings for the sizes of the trims, this means on the first image the interior is at the top, the exterior is at the bottom. Then in right axiomatic view, the tag is shown facing to the interior. Or am I missing how interior / exterior relate to the wall and I have pretty much everything flipped? And if flipped, how do I recognize this while laying out a floor plan?
  12. Just tinkering with the window tool and have a question about how the sash and mullion are related. The first image shows a window with a custom sash to represent two window units mulled together. The second image shows the window sash offset to locate it closer to the exterior face. The mullion does not offset with the sash and there doesn't appear to be a setting where one can offset the mullion. Is there a setting I haven't found yet?
  13. Have you looked at the Vectorworks University? https://university.vectorworks.net
  14. Over at the Vectorworks University I'm working my way through the 'Model Setup' course to see if I should incorporate Stories into my workflow. Starting the section on Wall and Slab Styles and came to this paragraph. It could be me but I'm not sure how this relates to this particular topic. Was the course designer having a 'moment' or is this an easter egg to see if anyone actually reads the course notes?
  15. Don't think this has been posted elsewhere, Vectorworks has made a number of their online seminars free until June 30. I just took the Architect Essentials and the Vectorworks Hidden Treasures seminars and picked up a number of tips that I will explore further. If you have time on your hands at the moment, these are worth looking into. Thanks VW. https://blog.vectorworks.net/how-vectorworks-is-helping-customers-during-covid-19?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8nVatovbhuGs42FFvL9jBa66aOexcdPJEXptIdawXmfHcYlMIGhkePtv9okh5FMTqV0mecsANucbfpj5KULQm5R8IgJg&_hsmi=85077778


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