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  1. That third image pretty much nails what I like to take to client meetings. Thank you, I will explore those.
  2. I have been seeing this as well during the past week.
  3. I do this as well. I have a master file with all of my details. As details change / evolve, I duplicate the original to leave it unchanged, then revise the duplicate. Then a note or two off to the side to myself on why the detail changed. Early meetings with structural on a new project, I print copies of the details I think are needed and bring them to a review meeting for discussion and mark up. Midway on a project, both structural and I are fairly clear on the project detailing. And then of course the client or contractor changes something fundamental. (smile)
  4. Your first screen shot matches the Classic Vectorworks Colors palette on VW 2021 here.
  5. When you place the first rectangle it remains selected until you performa new action. Could you not just copy, click at centre point for the next rectangle and then paste? And now for my first cup of coffee of the day after which I will probably realize my suggestion did not address your issue. If so, my apologies.
  6. I always wonder why this works . . . usually after it works. It's a computer, it isn't supposed to get confused.
  7. I suspect this may be a legacy item that has been migrated through a few versions but thought I'd ask before I tried trashing it. I get the following message while VW 2022 is starting up.
  8. Thank you - with three installed versions the different icon colours are needed. Perhaps Ferrari Red next year?
  9. The font is Technical. I've used it for ages. I think it might have come with CorelDraw way back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
  10. First image is a callout with the leader line centred on the top row of text - sheet is 1/4 scale. Second image is that callout copied, pasted on a 1:100 sheet and the note revised. Now the leader line is at the top of the top row of text. Is there a control I'm missing that allows me to position the leader line . . . other than the Vertical Position, top, centre, bottom, etc.? And I've never managed to delete a leader line from a callout with several leaders, I select delete leader, get the pointing finger over the red X but no matter where I click, the leaders are unchanged.
  11. Just updated to SP3.1 (yesterday) and I am now having a problem with my cursor. When I click to select an item, no problem, everything is working as expected. When I click on a blank area of the drawings to draw a marque to select multiple items, my cursor becomes the 2D polygon tool. I can click on another object to 'escape' the tool or click Escape. Thinking this was an issue with the Smart Options Display I turned that off, however the issue persists. Any ideas / solutions? And this issue has quickly taught me how much I use a marque to select several items at the same time.
  12. In my resource libraries, all of the item names below the thumbnails are black in colour . . . . except for Line Types which are green. An unattractive green. And a green which I find hard to read. Is there a way I can switch the colour of the Line Type names to black as well? (I'm hoping this is easy but not so easy that I feel dumb for missing it)
  13. Sure make me want to go to my desk to see this . . . . . . . .
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