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    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    Added some numbering and introduced a second random parameter. Now, each of the four vertices is randomly moved in y direction. It's actually something I needed as well so you're in luck 🙂. I have filed a bug about the object node not playing nice with the "Set 2D Vertex" node so once that's fixed this will be quite a fun object to play with. Array-IT1.vwx
  2. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    I've actually done it. It doesn't convert to an object node. The "Set 2D Vertex" node fails inside the object node. @Marissa Farrell can you confirm? @mickcullinan you need to pick the offset values out of a list of random values and apply those offsets to the vertices in each poly. Looks a bit messy because I was not able to enter more than one value for the "Set 2D Vertex" node. I think that is actually supposed to work. I suppose you want the top and bottom rows to remain flat on the outside. The "Remove At" node is good for picking every nth value. Careful if you have more offset values than polygons because the last poly will receive the last value in the list. Better to strip the excess ones using "Split List" (although that's kinda hacky). This can probably be done more elegantly but it works. Array.vwx
  3. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Repeat / Loop a wrapped script

    @mickcullinan You need to make an array first and then modify the points. Can you work off this? Convert the rects to polys and apply your point modifications. Set the Mix2 to "Cross reference". Array.vwx
  4. Stephan Moenninghoff

    2D Polygons crashing Vektorworks!

    Try undocking the object info palette. It's a knows issue. You running Mojave?
  5. Hi everyone, I have a strange behaviour on a customer's computer with strong flickering and a display like this: Graphics card is Radeon. Has anyone seen/solved this before? Thanks!
  6. Stephan Moenninghoff

    help developing production drawings for counter.

    As a flat workpiece? Extract surface and pray it's a single axis curve. If it is, go to Model -> 3D Powerpack -> Unfold Surface.
  7. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Zig-Zag from NURBS curve

    You need to make it predictable!
  8. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Zig-Zag from NURBS curve

    You will need to find a way to align those vertices if you want to make an object from this Marionette network. Those vertices are going to realign. The offset fed into the index port of the Split List node is likely going to be different for different polylines.
  9. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Zig-Zag from NURBS curve

    Work on the list!
  10. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Zig-Zag from NURBS curve

    Oh, come on, you've done it. Just work on the reordering of those vertices. Very minimal, nice marionette.
  11. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Zig-Zag from NURBS curve

    You were on the right track. I don't think you need to do much sorting because the duplicates are all created in order. You need to target the relevant circles' indices. Each index is a poly vertex. Try the "every other" node.
  12. Stephan Moenninghoff

    help developing production drawings for counter.

    Loft is your best bet. try creating the end top corners as lines, join using a NURBS curve and then shell to get the thickness. If you're going to send this to a CNC, stay clear of any Subdivision modelling as that will not give you the right type of NURBS surface in the end. You must use solids to create this.
  13. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    Version 1.1.0


    No need to keep different size TV symbols any more with this handy Marionette. The screen image is adjusted automatically to the size of the screen and standard screen sizes can be chosen from a popup-menu. Features: Generates a TV set at standard sizes or at a user-defined custom size The "Automatic Size" option will fit the maximum available size into the given Box ("Shelf"). Choose from different Images to be shown on screen Add a frame in black gloss or aluminium Option to use surround light (aka "Ambilight") Wall mounted (centre of box) or free standing Can be used inside an interiorcad cabinet and will automatically adjust its size to the available space inside its box
  14. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    I have a fix available. Please download v. 1.1. Please also try copying and pasting into other documents. It should now work without issue.
  15. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    @martinfdc do you have "Show unit mark" turned on? Can you try turning it off, regenerating your TV and then turning it back on? Does that help?
  16. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    @martinfdc can you try making a simple path extrude and then resetting the Marionette by changing any of its options? Does that help?
  17. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Multiple tabs open, original tab not responding

    Just to add my 2c, I am seeing this issue regularly on clients' machines. I think it is Windows only. The saving issue appears to be such that the inactive tab is saved instead of the current tab.
  18. Stephan Moenninghoff

    False/inverted colours rendered from RW background

    Has anyone come across this? This is PC only. Re-rendering on Mac will create the background just fine. Image compression is set to PNG already so it can't be that. Nothing we do reverts this. I am seeing this on several clients' machines. I'm also logging this as a bug but if anything transpires here, I want to be able to use it as reference. Thanks for comments! test Visualisierung2.vwx
  19. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Dovetail Detail

    Version 0.1


    Features: Creates a two-dimensional dovetail detail using the standard method for dovetail joints. Available in German and English. Both objects inside the file. Known Issues: Go easy on the sliders! I haven't had the time to build in the appropriate safety-nets. Lousy bit of Marionetteering on my part here but there have been a few requests from local users and it works pretty well if you don't overdo it with the dimensions.
  20. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Parametric Books

    Version 2.2


    Features: Places books from a designated symbol folder in a box ("shelf") Eliminates books that are too tall or wide for the box Allows to randomize the sequence of placement within each book collection Option to repeat the list to fill long shelves Six different types of random angles or all straight Offset from shelf edge (Random Max/Min) Allows for any number of stacks in-between standing books Number of books per stack (Random Max/Min) Offset and angles for stacked books (Random Max/Min) Option to have only stacks, no upright books Known Issues: The gap between angled books and stacks is not correct. I won't fix it 🙂 IMPORTANT *** Configure your books using the Marionette instance provided in the document. Then, make a copy. Ungroup that copy to lock its values. Start over. This will speed up your workflow considerably and you won't have to wait for each Marionette instance to recompile ***
  21. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Homemade CNC

    JFYI interiorcad has an SVG export for 3D parts. Here's the "V" in interiorcad and as an SVG-file. The SVG has the routing contours inside the pockets, that's why the V is striped. We usually need it to export graphical information of 3D parts to third party software, in case it is needed. %22V%22.vwx Bauteil1_Haupt.svg.zip
  22. Stephan Moenninghoff

    user folder in dropbox/cloud?

    One more word on this: if two resources/files/plug-ins with the same name exist in both your user folder and your WGF, VWX will first pull resources from your user folder, then your WGF. So, you need to make sure that you save new template files, resources or plug-ins to the WGF and delete those files from your user folder.
  23. Stephan Moenninghoff

    user folder in dropbox/cloud?

    Do not put your user folder in the DropBox. It will mess up activation and cause other issues. Use a workgroup folder for what you want. I have the same setup and sync all my settings, templates and other VWX-related resources in the WGF, which lives in my DropBox. It works flawlessly. HTH.
  24. Stephan Moenninghoff


    Version 1.0.0


    Adjustable lidded box. The box can be resized and the lid height and offset can be set. Features: Textures of lid will adjust with lid rim A printed logo will replace the label holder if space gets tight (Adjust or replace the texture to change the placeholder logo) dimensions are always outer dimensions, regardless of lid offset (box will shrink if lid offset is increased) Box and drum insertion reference is always front for convenient placement on a shelf Textures and label holder symbol are contained within the marionette script so it fully supports cut/copy/paste between documents "Reset on Move" is OFF
  25. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Smart Valve

    I really like having the Valve but I needs it to be smarter. Could an option be added that portions of networks joining after the Valve are not affected? The Valve currently disables too much and could be used much more often if this was possible: In this case I want the dialog to pop up only if the valve before it has been enabled. Currently, the Valve kills my entire network downstram of it. Is that necessary? Could the Valve please also disable controls in the OIP? If a control comes after a Valve, this would be an elegant way of hiding it. Thank you!


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