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    Parametric Books

    Version 2.2


    Features: Places books from a designated symbol folder in a box ("shelf") Eliminates books that are too tall or wide for the box Allows to randomize the sequence of placement within each book collection Option to repeat the list to fill long shelves Six different types of random angles or all straight Offset from shelf edge (Random Max/Min) Allows for any number of stacks in-between standing books Number of books per stack (Random Max/Min) Offset and angles for stacked books (Random Max/Min) Option to have only stacks, no upright books Known Issues: The gap between angled books and stacks is not correct. I won't fix it 🙂 IMPORTANT *** Configure your books using the Marionette instance provided in the document. Then, make a copy. Ungroup that copy to lock its values. Start over. This will speed up your workflow considerably and you won't have to wait for each Marionette instance to recompile ***
  2. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Modelling Challenge

    I had to create this shape today: A circle which morphs into a rectangle. The shape had to be absolutely symmetrical. Sounds easy but is it? Who can do it?
  3. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    Version 1.1.0


    No need to keep different size TV symbols any more with this handy Marionette. The screen image is adjusted automatically to the size of the screen and standard screen sizes can be chosen from a popup-menu. Features: Generates a TV set at standard sizes or at a user-defined custom size The "Automatic Size" option will fit the maximum available size into the given Box ("Shelf"). Choose from different Images to be shown on screen Add a frame in black gloss or aluminium Option to use surround light (aka "Ambilight") Wall mounted (centre of box) or free standing Can be used inside an interiorcad cabinet and will automatically adjust its size to the available space inside its box
  4. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    Yes, unwrapping is necessary only for debugging. I needed to find out which node was causing the error.
  5. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    I don't know what exctly is causing this. If I unwrap the object node and run the command I get an error pointing to a divide node. Apparently, the unit conversion is acting up and something is getting divided by zero. If I change units to m and then back to mm and rewrap the network and convert to an object node, everything runs without issue. I didn't write the unit conversion node. It is one I collected off the old forum.
  6. Stephan Moenninghoff

    TV All-in-One

    Ah, interesting. I'm on a short break right now. Will look into it shortly. Thanks for the heads up, Bert!
  7. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    Is this latest discussion slightly off topic? I didn't start this thread so maybe I should keep quiet but it could be useful to have this thread for discussions about the *aesthetics* rather than core functionality.
  8. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Glen Preston

    Modify -> Decompose
  9. Stephan Moenninghoff

    get stuck in some marionette projects

    I take it, you have scripted that node yourself? If that's the case, I'm out of my depth. perhaps someone else can comment.
  10. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Space Selection with Room ID

    I haven't tried to do this with Marionette but I think the "Get Record Field" node is going to help.
  11. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Space Selection with Room ID

    You can do that easily by creating a Worksheet that lists the Spaces. Right-click a Space's row header and choose "Select object".
  12. Stephan Moenninghoff

    get stuck in some marionette projects

    You are trying to set a viewport's opacity. That's interesting. A VP cannot have direct opacity. You can give the VP a fill colour and put it into a class and set that class to an opacity. I don't think you can give the whole VP an opacity that will pass that opacity on to everything that is contained within.
  13. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Frame stops for Door Tool

    I'll remember that! 🙂
  14. I don't think that an odd number makes sense here. The offered solution was for an even number of sides.
  15. Yep, that's the same. (n-2)(180)/n.
  16. Here you go. Good old Marionette. Great for this kind of stuff. Alternating Polygon.vwx
  17. It works with any number of edges, as long as there are always two of each. I'll make you a quick Marionette. After my supper.
  18. Wrong file, sorry, press reload. So, the radius is 2193.841978
  19. Not if you calculate correctly, pal 🙂
  20. Here's the file. The formula is based on the knowledge that the angle between all edges is the same. So the angle = 1/ Edges / (Edges/2 -1) / 360 If you rearrange that you get the angle. From there on you construct your polygon using VWX. Alternating Polygon.vwx
  21. The radius is 2322.5267mm, according to my calculations.
  22. Kevin, I have to challenge your solution. Your short lines are 751.253. Thats not correct. 🙂
  23. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Isolating pointcloud in clipcube

    Yes, I get it. The clip cube is a visibility thing. That's sometimes counter-intuitive as you would expect objects that are hidden to behave like they are hidden and not be affected by selection. I cannot imagine dealing with point clouds without the clip cube but I share your view on how it should behave.
  24. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Isolating pointcloud in clipcube

    Have you tried the Isolate Points button in the OIP? That gets rid of unwanted points for you.
  25. Stephan Moenninghoff

    Plane not deleted after planar boolean

    Hmm... maybe @Marissa Farrell should have a look and confirm it's a bug.


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