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  1. Ari Phillips

    2D components for Hybrid objects not showing up?

    Hi Pat, thank you for answering, however from what I understand you can create hybrid models and objects to show as 3D objects in 3D space such as in perspective views etc. But if you want to show the same object in a plan or elevation it shows as simply 2D objects which I have created in the component editor. The issue is these only show in plan view and not in elevations as they are supposed to. I can go into the hybrid object and generate 2D from 3D component in each view, such as front, back and side (thinking this will save time in elevations) but when I come to the viewport or front view it still shows as a faceted 3D model. The only time I want a 3D model in view is in 3D space. Dies that make it any clearer? Have I completely miss understood? thanks Ari ps another quick question...is there also a way to convert a section viewport elevation taken from a clip cube to a editable drawing? Rather than linking with the model? As sometimes we do a rough model to create the basic space and add detail after. Used to be able to do this with sections etc however the clip cube is brilliant and would be great to use this also. Thanks. Ari
  2. Ari Phillips

    2D components for Hybrid objects not showing up?

    @Pat Stanford
  3. Hi there, Having major issues getting any of the 2d components of a 3d symbol hybrid object to show up. I have followed the basic tutorial and all seems fine until you exit the symbol and then it only shows as a 2d object in plan but not in the other views, such as front or side view. Any ideas how to resolve this please? Thanks Ari


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