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  1. I am wondering why the basic tool palette is now divided into four windows. Is there a way to get these back into one palette? This is confusing to someone who has gotten used to the traditional layout. VW Architect 2021
  2. Yes the Final quality rendering is not functional when rendered in the design layer (OpenGL OK). I can get a viewport to render with Final Quality but can't when in the design layers. I have some image props and when it renders, it only shows the image props and everything else is pure black. At least it doesn't take long but immediately gives me the black screen.
  3. Yes I have this problem too. Please provide a solution ASAP
  4. my window tags almost always face inward. Definitely a problem functionally since many are not legible in 3d views
  5. Great. Thanks for the help with that.
  6. I think that the upper floor doesn't allow me to alter the label location, but I can change the location of the upper location on the lower floor (first image). There is that blue dot but not on the upper floor (second image). So I guess that's a solution in air quotes, but it seems odd to have to move a label on the lower floor but not be able to edit on the upper floor. There are also two ways to add a down or up arrow with the stair data tab which seems somewhat confusing. The run is adjustable but the note one is not as far as I can tell.
  7. Please tell me how to move the down label. I changed the stair from a right hand to a left hand but the label does not move. I have tried everything.
  8. The program consistently sizes the window and door tags to the scale of the drawing not the true dimension. For instance I have all my windows, which are symbols by the way, showing an id tag which is 1/4 inch in size. This dimension will scale at 1/4 inch at the viewport scale (which makes it a tiny spec in the viewport. Going into the symbol and re-entering the 1/4 inch size for the tag (which it's already showing) will make it revert to the correct size. Having to check every window tag for every symbol before issuing a set of drawings is totally problematic and something I'm surprised has not been fixed yet. We are still on VW 2017 for this project. I need to have the tags as part of the plug in object since I have them associated with a window schedule. any work around would help which doesn't wreck the ability to have the schedule linked.
  9. What is the easiest way to copy a rendered viewport and turn it into a bitmap. I do not want to re render every time I print so I reset my viewports to wireframe and keep them off to the side in the sheet layer and only update them when I have time. I want to keep the perspective viewports so don't just want to flatten them. Thanks in advance.
  10. So if the cameras don't work, the renderings are not useful.....question is what is the best mac program to render.
  11. I haven't linked a camera to a viewport since that seemed problematic based on some previous posts. I have just been exporting images from the camera on a design later, but that's helpful. Maybe I have been dragging the camera when rotating the model. Can you lock a camera? if not it would probably be a good feature. It happened again since posting so I may start writing down the coordinates for the camera.
  12. I have reset the cameras countless of times. Setting up consistent renderings to place into photo montages takes a while and the camera's z setting will often go haywire moiving hundreds of feet vertically or shifting off horizontally. I don't know what's going on, if I should put down a locus to reset the camera, but that defeats the purpose of having a camera set up in the first place. I notice when the camera palate is open and the camera is selected, there seems to be a glitch in that the corrupted camera will stay selected even though a different camera is active. Has this happened to anyone else. It happened in multiple files for different projects so I think there's a glitch somewhere mac 10.10.5/VW2016 sp4
  13. I agree it's a real problem since you wouldn't want a door sidelight on a window schedule so you need to keep the sidelight as part of the door since that's how it will be produced. The lack of customization is something which needs to be worked on. This is a problem with the transom as well since if you have two sidelights with a transom, the transom is one piece over the door and the sidelights and the frame cannot be broken up over the sidelights.
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