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  1. Thanks Nikolay, I didn't realise it would be as simple as clicking 'Recalculate worksheet' I'd thought that the spreadsheet would have done when being generated for the first time. All seems to be working now thank you.👍
  2. Hi Nikolay, I've managed to almost crack the new title block layout and now the only thing I can't get quite right is the issue sheet after watching a very good webinar on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFLNVWW0pyE The issue data is reflected on the issue sheet but I'm not able to get the revision data to percolate through. I've prepared a sample project with 3 sheets with different issue and revision data and an issue sheet can you see what I've done wrong? Tim Test Title block:issue.vwx
  3. Hi Nikolay, An example would be much appreciated. Tim Typical Title block.vwx
  4. Hi, Since up-grading to VW2018 I've been struggling with revision data. In VW2017 I was able to choose to display a revision block in the info palette and add the data very simply through the info palette. However in VW2018 although I can add version details though the info dialogue I can't find how to display it on the title block. I was hoping that there might be a simple how-to guide on Youtube but can't find one. Any help gratefully accepted. Tim
  5. I'd like to resurrect this thread. It looks like the link to the sticker plug-in is broken. Is this still the best thing to use for vehicle paths (if so is there a new link) or is there another one for Vectorwork. (I'm still using VW 2012)
  6. Hi, Whenever I have shared drawings with Autocad users they complain that they struggle with all the information in the file and wondered what others may suggest would be the best settings. I structure my files so that I draw GA's and details in different Design layers and then reference them (within the same file) to Sheet layers. I'm happy to produce separate files for each drawing but what are the best settings: All suggestions welcome TIA Tim
  7. Hi I'm wanting to insert a external door with half height side lights, I can find a way to do this for full side lights but I can't find the way to raise the window sill height. Is this possible....? I've done a search of the forum but haven't managed to find a solution. Can anyone help... Tim
  8. HI Farookey, Thanks for the post, I was getting confused with the dialogue boxes, In the end a got a good explanatory email from Nemetchek help desk. Hi Tim, This can be a bit misleading, though it's actually working as-designed... Default Story Layers are basically just a template, they're only used to create the Stories and their Story Layers, so once those story layers are created they can no longer be controlled by the template. If you want to change the properties of a story layer after its story has been created, you'll need to edit the individual design layers themselves. The same thing goes for the Story prefix/suffix, once those story layers are created the only way to change their name (including prefix/suffix) is to manually edit and rename them. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best Regards, Tim Connors Nemetschek
  9. Hi, I'm trying to set up the story settings in the organize window and I'm having a problem. When I go into the 'Edit default story layers...' window I alter the height of the layer (in this case Floor-Fo) and click OK but this isn't reflected in the 'Edit storey' window, the level remains as the original height. here I've tried with different layers, closed the file and re-opened it, started from a new file and it still doesn't behave. This is driving me mad, is there a known issue, and is there a fix/work round. Many thanks Tim
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