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  1. I don't know why I didn't consider this! Thank you for the idea. +5 pro points for you
  2. @jcogdell Why has your team taken away very simple functionality that's been available for years? Why have developers elected to make my workflow MORE cumbersome? Why do I now have to create custom records and attach them to ever single hoist symbol? There has to be a better solution than this.
  3. The hoist tool seems to no longer have a "load weight" field in VW2021. I used this field to create simple rigging worksheets for the last several years. Now I am struggling to find a way to make my old workflow work. Has anyone else run into this and found a workaround? I don't have Braceworks, and don't intend to make that purchase anytime soon given the way 2020 went...
  4. For those experiencing windows files that keep reverting to read only: https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-folder-keeps-reverting-to-read-only-on-windows-10/ I had to use command prompt to remove the folder attributes. A real pain in the neck, but it solved the issue.
  5. You are correct! Now I have a new issue, where windows is not saving the change and reverts back to read only...🤦‍♂️
  6. I am having an issue saving customizations to the built in Plug Ins in VW Spotlight 2020. Specifically, I am trying to add cable options to the cable tools. Have done this in the past (on VW2019) without issue, only 2020 seems to be giving me problems. Once I close the plug in manager, nothing seems to save. Any thoughts?
  7. I did... still not functioning. Also, re-ran the SP2 installer and still no luck.
  8. Ditto! I am having the same issues. These problems have been around way too long not to have been addressed by the Vectorworks team. My 'make-shift' solution is adjusting my custom render settings slightly. For instance: adjusting "Curved Geometry" from medium to low. Its not perfect, but it keeps me from rebooting.
  9. I also use excel spreadsheet. I want to create a worksheet that can run it for me in VWX, but I'm afraid it will be more trouble than its worth.
  10. I think the most recent service pack may have solved the issue for me. I got so used to adjusting the curved geometry render settings that I continued to do it, even after it seems the issue was gone... HA! I'll report back if the issue arises again.
  11. I agree with RickR, seems like sloppy work. To be sure, you can check the "Default Instrument Angle" at File > Document Setting > Spotlight Preferences.
  12. I'm having render problems in 2017. When I render any viewport for a second time, the entire viewport turns black. As in a complete black rectangle. I can update the settings in the "background render settings" and it will render perfectly, but only one time. Then I will have to change the settings again, or else the blacked out viewport comes back. Has anyone else run into this? Any tips for fixing it? Corbin
  13. Hey RB, It is not possible to remove the "'xtra" when showing length. Hopefully that can be addressed in future updates. Corbin
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