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  1. Just to mention it, this continues to be a problem for us, keeping our office using an old version of VW for the time being. We'd really like to see this fixed...this is pretty bad, and it's disappointing that this GDI+ bug persists. Just sent in another bug submittal about it to see if it gets noticed this time.
  2. Also, it would be nice to be able to remove/hide items which aren't used. For example, our office has never used drop shadows or per-item opacity. I would love the option to get rid of those to reduce palette size and improve usability for us. If working without GDI+ turned on (on a Windows machine), those options aren't even available for use anyway.
  3. Hi Rick, Thanks for checking in - I appreciate it. This happens in every file if GDI+ Imaging is turned off, and we generally leave it turned off because it creates text rendering problems with our key .pdf print driver. (We're a structural engineering firm that primarily uses 2d tools and doesn't rely on transparency, gradients, renderings, etc. in our plans.) The file I took that screenshot from was a new one that had nothing else in it but that text block. I noticed this error and emailed a bug report last year (followed up with another one earlier today), but it seems that it's been this way since at least VW2020. VW2018 does not have this issue. I'm happy to go through this more with you and would love to see this fixed, although it would be best to shift to email or create another thread so as to not hijack this one further.
  4. Still no dark mode for Windows in VW2022? 😞 Looks like some of my other previous Windows bug reports which have kept us from upgrading have gone unaddressed as well... Disappointing.
  5. Our engineering firm is outfitted with these at every desk (on Windows computers). I bought one for my home computer as well, after getting used to it at the office. Our office has a custom workspace we deploy which shifts the shortcuts we use to the left half of the keyboard for easier access. One hand on the trackball, one on the keyboard, off you go. Just to throw out one possible way of mitigating that concern...
  6. One issue I run into on Windows is that unless I turn OpenGL on (which creates certain other problems with our PDF print program), centered text isn't remotely centered, either on screen or in our printed output. Not suitable for professional output.
  7. I'm a little disappointed to see the icons weren't revisited for the v2021 release. I suppose they might look better if using dark mode...but it's not implemented for Windows, so that's a moot point for our office.
  8. Bump to request Dark Mode implementation for Windows users...pretty please? A lot of the v2020/2021 icons have poor readability in light mode & I'd like to at least give them a chance in dark mode. (This is one of the contributing factors to why our engineering office is still primarily deploying v2018.)
  9. The ability for Fundamentals users to use several formerly-included plug-in tools (including the Wall Tool) was removed in the VW 2019 release. It wasn't entirely quiet - there used to be a thread discussing it from back when it happened, but that thread appears to have been removed from the forum.
  10. Thanks for posting this, Juan. Is there anywhere I could find a list of improvements which are specific to Fundamentals? There used to be a feature matrix published with each release, but I haven't run across one this year.
  11. If you're using VW Fundamentals v2019 and have just transitioned from v2018, the ability to use wall tools was taken away, among other things. You should be able to see the wall tools in the Tool Sets palette (at least, I can in v2020), but you won't be able to use them. If that's not your situation, someone else will have to chime in...
  12. This is correct. There's been some discussion in this previous thread, and it sounds like the next SP should fix the issue.
  13. Yes - so glad this is back! This genuinely might be one of my top-five favorite updates from the last two versions. Once v2020 can edit callout text again, this will be great.
  14. It doesn't bother me as much that they look dated as that readability is worse. The new versions with black outlines may work ok for a dark theme, but they're far less usable for this light-theme user. I find some, like the Unrestricted Scaling double-arrow at the top, almost unreadable even if I'm staring at it. Some, like Offset or Freehand or the marquee modes or even just plain ol' Line, look mushy and/or clunky to me now. For a light theme, I'd love the option to use the old icons. VW2020: VW2018:
  15. I think you're right - I just installed and am seeing the same issue with editing and creating callouts. Guess it's time to forget about v2020 until SP1. This one's a real bummer.
  16. Possibly related to this issue - I suspect your thumbnail is zoomed in on a blank area in the bottom corner.
  17. I'm not sure if all of them are on SP6, but mine is, and I'm seeing the issue. The preview pane isn't rendering full views for many details either, as shown in the attached screenshot.
  18. Any update on this? We just pushed out a detail library update to our people and every detail we have is rendering with truncated views like the one I posted about a year ago. We're all on Windows machines, running VW2018 Fundamentals, just to mention it.
  19. @JimW Checking in on this again - this persistency really seems like a bug (or at least something which needs the ability to be turned off). Any way to find out if this has been logged as a bug?
  20. It's been a while without any official response to this one, and this issue definitely hamstrings the Resource browser for us. @JimW, is there a better place for this? Known Issues, perhaps? Any way to find out if it's been logged as a bug? Thanks!
  21. On my machine, I do not see anything in the resource browser preview pane unless I actually have the file open in VW. If the file containing symbols is open, I see a preview. If not, it's entirely blank. Sometimes (not always) those previews are incorrectly scaled and do not show everything in the symbol. See the attached screenshot...note that three of the thumbnails are not shown correctly, but the "Title Block" one actually does encompass the entire symbol. "Set Thumbnail View" is set to Top/Plan, and "Set Thumbnail Render Mode" is set to Wireframe, although it doesn't appear that changing either option makes a difference. Just wondering if there are settings I can change which will fix these or if they're known issues. Anyone know? Thanks.
  22. Here's hoping that this unexpected announcement bodes well for future CAD/modeling interchange: https://www.nemetschek.com/en/presse/press-releases/detail/nemetschek-acquires-leading-us-software-provider-risa-for-structural-engineering-1/
  23. Jim, where might that article be found? I don't see anything in the knowledgebase addressing silent install since VW2016...is that the most recent documentation?
  24. Just to mention it in case it makes a difference, for some reason this is a Design Series-only option... It's a strangely arbitrary thing to omit from Fundamentals, but it doesn't seem to me that the logic as to what's in or out is particularly consistent.
  25. I'm seeing this callout autofill issue with VW2018 Fundamentals as well, and I would very very much like it to be fixed. New callouts should always be made with blank text by default.
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