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  1. ArchiCAD has this 'feature'. If there is no dongle present the program will start up in Demo Mode. (No save, print etc.) -Jto
  2. ArchiCAD 10 is now available as Universal Binary in Beta (with VERY LITTLE problems, I might add, and very soon to be released as final UB) for anybody with a valid license to test-run. Newtek have recently demo'ed UB versions of Lightwave. Cinema4D is UB, Modo 201 is UB, Art-Lantis Studio is UB and Cheetah 3D is UB... All I can say is I hope NNA are doing LOTS of debugging in the time it's taken to get things to UB...! -Jacques
  3. LEAFS, You need to uninstall you mouse driver software supplied by the manufacturer and delete the driver's '.plist' file in your preferences directory. You should now be able to use your middle mouse button to zoom and pan. HTH. -Jacques
  4. Hi All, I have found that you need to uninstall all the mouse driver software supplied by the manufacturer and use OS X's built in mouse driver. Also remember to trash your mouse driver software '.plist' file in your preferences directory. Your middle mouse button should work for panning and zooming. -Jacques
  5. Peter, I have to agree re the principals taking a hand in the production of work. In our office of about 15, we have 2 directors and 1 associate, and ALL of them produce drawings (Some even have mistakes on!). That way, they also understand the project better, from the smallest detail to the larger overall view of the project. -JTo
  6. quote: Originally posted by david bertrand: ... old Amiga, which was powered by a 68060. Now those were good times! Sorry, a bit off topic...I had a A1200...Fantastic machine...Even at 14Mhz (68020) with only 2mb of RAM!!! Pity... Anyway...What model and speed is your Powerbook David? -JTo
  7. Page 24 of the "Whats new in 12" document...Yippee!!!
  8. Obtaining 100% real world scale on a CRT/LCD would be VERY difficult, as a fixed area on the screen is dependant on a) Screen resolution. b) Pixel Per inch (PPI) density. (72, 96, 110 etc) c) Pixel Aspect Ratio. d) physical screen size (One 20inch is not always the same as another 20inch...believe it or not. For the program to display a fixed scale you would need the user to measure a line on the screen and then have the program scale all display information relative to that measurement. In short, it's just not worth the time and effort! Accept that it is VERY CLOSE!
  9. alan, Yep, ghosting, what about playing back an animation of a fly-through? It's not going to nice to look at your 160 mb rendered animation that took a whole day and a half to render and then have ghosting artifacts! Multimedia is playing a bigger and more inportant part in todays architecture office. We move with the times or fall by the wayside. edit: We had an el-cheapo Samsung LCD that the planners used and you should have seen the video playback on that...Pathetic. But yes, >16ms is most common, or the norm these days. but you'll still find the cheap and nasties. [ 08-04-2005, 05:11 PM: Message edited by: Jacques ]
  10. Ion, I think you pressed the "submit post" button 2 seconds before me! -J
  11. Tom, Tom, it sounds as though you're after a "move with base point" feature??? I don't think VW has this as a built in plug-in. I would advise looking at www.vectorbits.com and their Vectormove feature. (not free, but cheap) There is also a plug-in called "Point 2 Point" at www.vectordepot.com (free) Hope that helps.
  12. Jason, Whilst there are things to look at like veiwing angle and contrast / brightness ratios, make sure the monitor you get has a fast response time...Don't go for anything less than 16ms. You may notice ghosting if you choose a monitor with slower response times. Take the Viewsonic mentioned above, it has a FANTASTIC 4ms response time...The fastest I've seen to date! And yes, go for DVI. Good hunting! HTH.
  13. At the moment the Dell 2005 FPW is on special in the UK for ?390. Thats about ?150 cheaper than the 20" inch from Apple...Bargain! -Jacques.
  14. mike, Why we don't have the functionality of the stretch and copy tools from Vectorbits as standard in the Vectorworks package is beyond me...They just seem like the right way 'copy' and 'stretch' should work...
  15. Hugo, How about Duplicate along path, with a set distance? -Jto
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