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  1. Get the biggest display you can afford. Your efficiency will go way up not having to mess around trying to see your work and all the tool palettes and such. All new Macs except the Mini support multiple monitors. http://seminars.apple.com/seminarsonline/dwg/apple/index.html http://www.apple.com/business/solutions/architectureold.html
  2. I did a rowhouse project 6 units by doing exactly that , make symbols apt and copy and mirror etc. worked pretty good in 10.5
  3. repair permissions is voodoo. http://daringfireball.net/2006/04/repair_permissions_voodoo
  4. I just turn off fractions in the OIP. I dim. interior walls to thier centerline, probably not how you are doing it. everyone seems to work to different standards. I know the plan checkers where I am hate exterior dim that include fractions
  5. google it there are lots for sale on the ol' interthingy. pretty impressive drawing there islandmon.
  6. http://www.deadmedia.org/notes/49/499.html
  7. http://www.fotosearch.com/ICL109/ofe_111/
  8. http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/~karan/pdf/french.pdf
  9. it has been awhile since I used VW on a Windows computer. It seems to be only NNA can really answer this question unless there is some user out there that is a real cross-platform VW savant.
  10. to elaborate, Universal Binaries does not mean you get both the Windows and Mac versions in the same box, it means you get Mac Intel/PPC. I doubt NNA is going to give you both Versions, as they don't do that now, do they?
  11. quote: Originally posted by quigley: The most interesting comment I have seen is that "Apple makes the fastest Windows PCs and laptops"......wouldn't it be ironic if by the time all the apps that need the power (3D modelling, video etc) become Universal Binaries (and we are talking into 2007 for many/most) that users switch to Windows versions...on a Mac....? Many/most dual platform apps offer cross platform licensing. Same codes work on both. not in a million years.
  12. well even though I knew my work would not be critiqued and marked for credit I kept going to class for the content, and never got around to switching to audit or dropping it altogether. Lots of people were beavering away at thier drawings and I wanted to see what they came up with. So the last class came and people presented. Only a couple were actually finished at the start of the class. Disappointingly the best drawer/draftsmans (doesn't do it justice for the quality of her work) didn't present. Stage fright maybe, or maybe didn't want to share . . . most were neither good drawings or good architecture. some poor drawings but interesting simple ordered design. one student utilised the extra space under the stairs for washer and dryer, another had 4 or 5 riser stairway down to a fully below ground level basement. having to produce sections and elevations for the project didn't expose the glaring problems with these ideas. A couple students came up with some cool ideas and had great drawings, contemporary and traditional. The student with the best draftsmanship, very beautifully hatched classic drawing, did the most traditional craftsman/arts and crafts style house. I had a nice chat with the instructor after and I showed him my "sketches" and he invited me to submit them. I put together the whole thing (plans, elevations, sections etc to fill a Arch D sheet ) I don't feel bad as very few of the other students had the required work done on time. Patiently awaiting my grade.
  13. draw a line on top of the black line.
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