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  1. Another thing happening with this is that sometimes it will hang on the load and the Vectorworks banner will stay on the screen with the lolly pop spinning and never load.
  2. Since I loaded 12.5.2 I have noticed a huge wait time for VW to load. This time has doubled or tripled since doing the upgrade from 12.5.1. I notice that when it comes up with the Vectorworks screen that the name and comany etc. does not show up until just before it loads. Anyone having the same problem since upgrading.
  3. Katie where do you program the buttons to do VW commands if you are not loading the software? If I don't load the intellipoint software then it defaults to the system mouse and the panning works. But since I want to program the 2 additional buttons I can only program them for VW commands through the intellipoint software. Please advise if you can program out of the program.
  4. I want to be able to pan with the microsoft intellipoint software. There are 2 additional buttons on each side of the trackball that I would like to program. Also the logitech mouse software will let you program the panning feature into the wheel button buy using advanced click and then check 3 and that lets you have the panning feature.
  5. I would like to set my middle mouse button to be able to pan my drawings but haven't a clue with all of the options that the intellipoint software has. Can anyone help? Thanks Allen
  6. Can anyone help me in printing out the classes and layers in a list form from my drawing. I don't know if this is possible or not.
  7. Thank You. That worked great.
  8. I just installed VW12 on to a Intel Mac mini. I am trying to use the pan within the scroll wheel put I can't make it work. I have checked all of the settings in my mouse software and nothing works. I have a Logitech MX510. Anyone have this problem and how can I solve it. What setting on my scroll button needs to be set. I have tried it at just click. I this a mouse software issue or a VW problem? I would be going backwards to use the space bar when I pan.?
  9. I am having the same problems with a Logitech MX510 mouse. Just loaded VW12 and then I try to use the pan within the scroll wheel and nothing happens. I have even erased my preferences to Logitech in the Library and re loaded my driver for the mouse and still nothing.
  10. I am adding a plug-in to Vectorworks. I have installed it in the plug-in directory. I made a additional pull down menu in the work space editor and added this to it. It works when I access it from the pull down menu but I cannot add a keystroke to it to make it easier to use. I have looked at the otherpull down menus and they have a ctrl + keystroke attached but it will not work. I have had this same plug-in working with a keystroke in VW11 on both a Mac and a PC. Can you not add keystrokes to additional plugins? That would be a drag if that is the case. Anyone had similar problems and can you suggest anything. Allen
  11. Converted an old drawing from 11.5 into 12.0 and can't get the tile function to work properly. I also started a new drawing in VW12 and still cannot get the tile pattern to show up. I have used both a rectangle and a polygon with the same results, nothing. Anyone else having the same problem.
  12. Having problems exporting out VW file to AutoCad 2000 DWG using VW 11.5. I am turning off all of the fills and hatches check boxes. I have walls that are cavity walls and they have a stipple hatch, even with the hatch off it still imports them into the DWG file. I re imported the DWG into VW and it shows up and it should not. It has the same problem with a hatch in a symbol as well. This was done on a G4 1.8 GHz, 512 RAm, OS X and Vectorworks 11.5. Any help?
  13. Move dialog box in VW 11.5 periodically lets you tab through the boxes and other times you have to use your mouse to click in. It will also given you the error chime once you tab into the Y offset box. Any suggestions?
  14. Move dialog box in VW 11.5 periodically lets you tab through the boxes and other times you have to use your mouse to click in. It will also given you the error chime once you tab into the Y offset box. Any suggestions?
  15. The problem with the mouse button being disabled is the Caps Lock button. Once you enter text in upper case and you leave the caps lock on it will disable the right button but if you turn off the caps lock then it will turn that function back on. that is bizzare but glad to find a simple fix to this. So just turn off your caps lock and your okay.
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